Will Saints Row 2022 be censored? Here’s what we know

Saints Row returns in 2022, but censorship could mean the disappearance of some of the franchise’s most famous features.

When Grand Theft Auto reinvented itself as a grittier, more realistic simulation in GTA IV, urban sandbox rival Saints Row took the opportunity to become the goofy, wild alternative. Beginning with the third game, the series incorporated more adult humor and ridiculous storylines into the mix. While the 2022 Saints Row reboot will keep most of the franchise’s whimsical touches intact, some elements might be on the chopping block for overseas releases.

Saint’s Row wasn’t alone in featuring adult humor and situations. But Saints Row’s unique take was more about the shock factor. The Third quickly gained notoriety online after a giant adult toy was revealed to be used as a melee weapon. In fact, the weapon is so iconic that its return in the reboot has already been confirmed.

Saints Row will see the return of many old favorite playstyles and missions, including insurance fraud and the use of the dildo bat. But it will be about building a scrappy, bottom-up empire that we loved in Saints Row 1 and 2. https://t.co/sBXFZlfMb7

But the Dildo Bat won’t necessarily be present in every version of the game. In 2022, more countries that already have censorship laws that could affect the new Saints Row. In fact, the game may not even be released in some regions due to potentially lewd content. Here’s a brief history of how previous games were censored and what that means for the reboot.

Will Saints Row 2022 be censored?

Although adult humor and a certain purple weapon are confirmed for inclusion, Saints Row 2022 will most likely be censored in some countries, and it won’t have all of the same adult themes as previous iterations of the series.

The game will still be released in most countries. Saints Row The Third adult content has been censored or replaced in Germany, Japan, and some other countries that oppose sexual humor in video games. Le Tiers has even been outright banned in the United Arab Emirates. The constant presence of drugs and alcohol may also have contributed in some cases.

For countries where Saints Row was released with censorship, the Japanese version used a different model for adult toy guns. It also prevented the player from completely undressing. The German version took a more philosophical approach, removing silver drops and the ability to be used as a human shield against civilians.

For players in countries that restrict media, Saints Row should still come out with some notable changes. As for the main version, it will still have a great deal of adult humor with more modern sensibilities. The game probably won’t feature many jokes about race or gender, and it looks like some elements of sexuality have been reduced. Beating people to death with a giant dildo is still on the table, though.

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