Wesbank donates road safety equipment to schools

Wesbank, the asset finance arm of First National Bank, has donated N$50,000 to the Road Safety Forum to purchase school patrol clothing and equipment for Delta, Suiderhof and Primary Schools. Pioneerspark in Windhoek.

Elmarie Cilliers, head of FNB Secured Lending / Wesbank stressed the importance of road safety, from childhood. “Parents won’t always be there to supervise, so it’s important to teach children about road safety from an early age so they can be safe on and around our roads. – and we want to keep every Namibian child safe on our roads,” Cilliers said.

The chief executive of the Automobile Association of Namibia (AAN), Hileni Tjivikua, said the number of pedestrians killed in road accidents was around 24%, half of which were children. “My call here today is that due to their vulnerability, road safety initiatives must also focus on child pedestrians and measures must be implemented to make traveling/walking to and from school more sure. Luckily, school patrols help us share the responsibility as it is a much broader safety message and alertness to the dangers of moving vehicles in traffic with our young children,” Tjivikua said.

2022-03-10 Staff reporter


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