Welsh company is building the world’s first carbon-neutral non-alcoholic brewery

Pioneering craft brewer Drop Bear Beer Co will build the first carbon neutral non-alcoholic brewery and has offset all of its carbon emissions since day one of operations.

When The Drop Bear Brewery will open in South Wales later this year, it will be a leading development in the sector. Also, by then, the company will have successfully backdated 100% of its carbon emissions dating back to its formation in 2019.

Created by Joelle Drummond and Sarah McNena, Swansea-based Drop Bear has won major national and international awards for its range of non-alcoholic craft beers.

And the pair assured that environmental, ethical and social responsibility is at the heart of the company’s philosophy.

Joelle Drummond noted:

As Drop Bear continues to grow, we are committed to the company doing so responsibly and ethically. Build our carbon neutral brewing involves a level of innovation unprecedented in our industry. Rather than relying on offsetting for the future footprint, we want to reduce the brewery’s emissions from day one. »

Its values ​​are also reflected in its clientele, which includeare many like-minded companies such as Ocado and Co-op, and in early 2022 Drop Bear was launched in over 200 Co-op stores across central England.

To achieve its brewery construction goals, Drop Bear works with specialist organizations that provide expertise in areas such as carbon reduction, renewable energy and environmental impact analysis.

The company’s project to create a “green brewery” is supported by a £92.000 grant from the Welsh Government’s Covid Decarbonisation and Challenge Fund.

When completed, it will be the largest non-alcoholic brewery in the UK and will include measures to increase efficiency, reduce waste, and further improve quality assurance processes thanks to real-time analysis. These actions will benefit the the company and its contract production and packaging customers and With a bit of luck encourage more urgency around climate action in the brewing industry.

Plans for the brewery include the use of heat exchange and vapor recovery technology to reduce energy consumption and transform waste through anaerobic digestion into renewable energy for the brewery and the community.

Sarah McNena noted:

Our goal is to create pioneering solutions that benefit not only our business, but the entire industry, the global community and other beverage companies at scale.

Not content with their carbon offsetting achievements to date, Sarah and Joelle are determined to back date their contribution by taking action to mitigate carbon emissions since the company was founded in 2019.

Sarah added:

“Working with Climate Partner, we have been calculating our carbon emissions since the very beginning of Drop Bear. We will then choose benchmark offset projects to support and our customers can learn more on our website or via QR codes printed on our packaging. It will also allow us to offer customers an unprecedented level of transparency so that they are able to shop in a more sustainable way.”

Last December, Drop Bear became Wales’ first B Corporation Brewery.

This highly selective and prestigious designation places Drop Bear among an elite group of environmentally, ethically and socially focused UK food and drink companies.

As a living wage employer, Drop Bear has achieved B Corp status by implementing and pursuing various environmentsfriendly, ethical and community-oriented company policies and activities.

These include signing the Welsh Government’s commitments to equality and green growth and moving from bottles to 330ml cans. Although an ongoing carbon offset program has resulted in the planting of 1,854 trees.

In fact, the company compensation the activities as a whole represented 70 tons of greenhouse gases (CO2e). It’s a figure comparable to driving 172,380 miles by car or making 53 trips from London to San Francisco, and saved 208 m2 of sea ice.

Joelle said:

Obtaining B Corp status is proof of our commitment to help save the planet. Now, with the help from the Decarbonization and Covid Challenge Fund grant to build our carbon neutral Brewerywe believe that we will not only be able to increase Drop Bear’s commitment to the environment, but also create a model of sustainability for others in the brewing industry.

We are on the precipice of an era of sustainability forthe industry as a whole, and now is the time to act. We are proud and excited to be at the forefront of this transformation in alcohol-free space out and hope that our actions will inspire others.

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