To have peace

In the phrase “I want peace” there are three words and they should be considered carefully. There is this “I”, then there is the “will”, and finally there is the “peace”. If you want peace, you have to get rid of both the “I” and the “will”, and what remains is “peace”. How to remove the “I”? When you think more about God, there will be fewer “I’s”, which means you will think less about yourself. It is only love for God that can remove ego from our minds. To live in this world, you have to have desires. But when you transgress all the boundaries of desires and taint yourself with various kinds of immoral and sinful actions, then it becomes dangerous.

Papabhiti, the fear of sin, is not known to a person who has unlimited desires. The combination of these two – lack of devotion to God and carrying unlimited ego and desires, which lead you to immoral and sinful ways – is the cause of lack of peace in your mind and, therefore, in the world as well. . Especially when you are young, you may have multiple dreams, multiple aspirations, and multiple desires. There is nothing wrong with having them, as long as you perform them with great devotion to God, and keep a limit and check what you desire. And then you will be at peace, and everyone around you will also know peace because of you.

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