Three Seahawks who were awful against the Cowboys on Friday

The Seahawks finished 0-3 in the preseason. All in all, it doesn’t really matter, but for three players, the game may have meant a lot.

Fortunately, the Seahawks’ preseason is over. They weren’t very good but they never really played against a group of guys that we’re going to rely on to make 2022 a success. For example, DK Metcalf only played a few snaps in the second preseason game. Jamal Adams has never played. Neither did Rashaad Penny.

The only thing Seattle has to hope for is that all of these talented players won’t have much rust when the Seahawks face the Broncos in Week 1 in just over two weeks.

But who are the guys who didn’t help their cause Friday in Seattle’s 27-26 loss to the Cowboys? Maybe the next three.

Three Seahawks who weren’t very good in Game 3 of the preseason

Dakoda Shepley Seahawks Center

I would love to have Shepley on the team. He has a great history and works hard by all accounts. But he’s still really learning how to be an NFL player and wouldn’t make most rosters. With the Seahawks, however, Shepley has a real shot at being the backup center.

Shepley is a real center, though. He’s not like Kyle Fuller who can be bad at many positions but heck, it’s the versatility that counts. If Shepley can’t do it in the center, he can’t do it anywhere. And Friday against the Cowboys, Shepley had one of the worst shots at a very important moment in the game that I’ve ever seen.

Jacob Eason is 6’6″ but Shepley’s snap late in the fourth quarter during Seattle’s last practice made Eason look about 5 feet tall. Shepley broke the ball, Eason had to jump high for it and he ended up being kicked towards the Cowboys who got the ball back and ran out of time.

Games like this not only lose games, they cut players. Shepley could still retain a roster spot in Seattle, but this play could also cost him his career.

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