This is why MLB umpires are wearing microphones this season


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In August, the Royals were playing the Cubs at Chicago’s Wrigley Field when fans in the stands and at home wondered what was going on.

Chicago’s Ian Happ singled to right field and two runners appeared to score to give the Cubs a 3-0 lead in the third inning. But Happ slid first and was tagged for the final out of bounds.

The Royals disputed, saying Happ was tagged for the endgame before the second runner touched home plate. Referees ruled in favor of the Royals, but no one knew.

Even the broadcast team was baffled.

“I didn’t think they would reverse that, and I don’t know if they have,” one said.

“Would be nice to know if they did,” said the other.

A scoreboard at Wrigley Field showed the Cubs had a 3-0 lead. Another had it as a 2-0 game. Ultimately, the race was removed from the board, but not before fans were left in the dark.

This kind of thing will not happen again in 2022.

Major League Baseball umpires announced when a team challenges and the result of the challenge.

In the Royals’ 10-7 loss to the Guardians on Monday, there were four challenges. And the crowd of 8,971 knew exactly what had happened with every call, including when Whit Merrifield was called trying to steal second base. was knocked down.

Asking the arbitrator to announce the result of the disputes had been in the books for a few years, MLB executive vice president Morgan Sword told ESPN.

“We discussed the possibility of doing this with the arbitrators during their last CBA negotiation, and then COVID got in the way of our planning,” Sword said. “We were finally able to give them the proper training this year and get everyone ready for opening day.”

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