The Japanese tea house at the intersection of food and art

With dozens of tea ceremonies in Japan, Okubo Gallery stands out by offering its guests Mitsubu’s collection of unique drinking bowls (via CNN). Presentation is similar to how tea has been presented in tea ceremonies for centuries, explains Art of Japanese Tea; artistic ceramic bowls, or “chawan”, are presented to the guests. At Gallery Okubo, visitors have the opportunity to sip tea the way Japanese tea masters do, all for the friendly price of $8 per person (per Gallery Okubo).

But that’s not all they offer. Visitors to CNN described entering the cafe from the first floor, where they were greeted by exhibits from Mitsubu’s collection before being led upstairs into the tatami room. The tatami room is a traditional space dedicated to tea ceremonies, and like at Okubu, a lot of thought goes into the design. Traditionally the rooms are small, simple and rustic (via Britannica). Before entering, guests select their bowl of tea from a shelf and sit down to be served in the traditional manner.

Using a wooden ladle, the host in a kimono pours hot water into a bowl and stirs the tea with a bamboo whisk. The tea is served frothy and hot in the bowls chosen by the guests. In addition to tea, tea drinkers are also served sweet jelly and bean paste cakes in the shape of hydrangea flowers. It looks like art to us!

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