The Centre’s vaccination campaign bears his name, only for advertisements and announcements: Atishi | Delhi News


New Delhi: Top party leader Aam Aadmi and provincial deputy Atishi said vaccination campaign was a joke for central government; how to launch a universal campaign without sufficient vaccines? Delhi has not even received a single extra dose despite the launch of the universal campaign from Monday.

In a “Vaccination Bulletin” via a video address on Monday, she said the Center failed even when they decentralized and called on states to procure vaccines but refused to deliver them, and now also when. they centralized the campaign.

Atishi said: “The Centre’s vaccination campaign is only for advertisements and announcements, the reality is that Delhi did not receive even a single dose today (Monday, June 21), while a universal campaign was The Center will simply make 15-19,000 doses available in July. At this rate, Delhi will take more than 13 months to vaccinate its population.

“A pure planning error and mismanagement on the part of the central government in the vaccination campaign; we keep getting new policies but no vaccines; the shortage continues to persist. The center has still not licensed WHO-approved vaccines like Pfizer, Moderna & Johnson & Johnson; but keep talking about mass immunization. Is this a joke on their part? Delhi has 8,27,000 lakh of vaccines for 45+; 5 days of stock of Covaxin and 57 days of stock of Covishieldz For 18-44 year olds we have 1 day of stock of Covaxin and 13 days of stock of Covishield “, she added.

Aam Aadmi Party MP Atishi said: “Today is June 21, and the central government has announced that from June 21, for the whole country and for anyone over the age of 18. by age 18, vaccination would be provided by the central government and every person eligible for vaccination would be vaccinated. The Delhi government was hopeful that on June 21, Delhi, and the whole country for that matter, would receive many more doses of the vaccine from the central government. We had this hope that the vaccine shortage Delhi faces for 18-44 year olds would reduce and everyone would be immunized as soon as possible. “

According to Atishi, “It makes us sad and surprised that today is June 21, but not even a single dose of vaccine has been provided to the Delhi government. What kind of vaccination campaign is this? it which is just an advertisement, just an advertisement when the vaccination is not taking place anywhere? The Delhi government received only a simple email from the central government suggesting that the walk-in vaccination should also be carried out for 18-44 year olds. Delhi government would definitely do this vaccination. But until we weren’t provided more doses of vaccine, what is the point of this vaccination campaign or Abhiyaan Vaccination ?

AAP senior official Atishi said: “We have received this information from the central government that next month, that is, from July 1, Delhi will receive a total of 15,000 doses. vaccine. 15,19,000 doses are the same number of doses that were received in the previous many months or only less than that. In June, we received about 14 lakh doses of vaccine, if we combine the two categories of 18 to 44 and 45+. If we look at May, Delhi received almost 13.25 lakh doses of vaccine. In April, we received 23 lakh doses of vaccine. So when the central government was not running a universal campaign, when the vaccination campaign was only 45+ in April, at that time Delhi received 23 lakh vaccine doses. And now, while a full-fledged universal campaign is being carried out across the country, only 15 doses of Lakh are available. “

She said, “If you go ahead and see the statistics, and we publish these numbers every day in the Delhi Vaccination Bulletin, you will see that so far in Delhi, 65 26 770 doses have been administered. . Of which 15 78 382 people were those who received the two doses. If we subtract this number from the total eligible population, it turns out that in Delhi there are 83.73 lakh of those people who have not yet received a single dose of vaccine. So if these 83.73 Lakh people are to receive two vaccine doses, then for them 1.67 crore vaccine doses are needed. 33 lakh are such people who have received the first dose of the vaccine and have not yet received their second dose. So if these two numbers are combined, it turns out that in order to fully vaccinate Delhi, we need 2 crores of vaccine doses. But in July, when the universal immunization campaign has already started, how many doses of vaccine are we getting? We only receive 15,000 doses. If we continue to receive vaccine doses at this rate, it will take us over 13 months to fully immunize Delhi. So, now you can think, if for thirteen months the people of Delhi are not vaccinated, how many waves of COVID-19 could occur. This is a very crucial question for Delhi!

She said: “We were sitting with this hope and expectation that after June 21, when a universal vaccination campaign begins, more doses of the vaccine will be available. We sat with this hope that the people of Delhi will now receive more vaccines. But now June 21 has arrived and now June 21 will go too. But even after the campaign began on June 21, Delhi did not even receive a single extra dose of the vaccine. The information we have received indicates that Delhi will receive 15-19,000 doses of vaccine in July, if Delhi continues to receive the vaccine at this rate, it will take more than 13 months for Delhi to fully immunize.

She said: “This is our call on the central government not to run programs just for the namesake. You said a few months ago that we are decentralizing the system and states can buy vaccines for themselves. But when the states went to buy these vaccines, you tied the hands of the companies from behind and said you can only sell the number of vaccines that we allow. So there was no advantage in decentralizing. Today you said that from June 21 we will organize a centralized vaccination campaign where the central government will provide vaccination to everyone. Now, the centralized vaccination campaign has also started, but Delhi has not even received a single dose of the vaccine. What kind of bad planning and mismanagement is this on the part of the central government? Sometimes we come up with one policy and then another time we come up with another. Policies keep changing. India and Delhi benefit from these new policies; however, vaccines are never received.

AAP MP Atishi said, “It is our request to the central government to provide vaccines to the people of Delhi as soon as possible. Not only that, so far there are various vaccines around the world that the Indian government has not approved such as Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson and Johnson which have been approved in many other countries. Of these three vaccines, Pfizer has been approved in over 60 countries, Moderna and Johnson and Johnson have been approved in over 40 countries. All three vaccines have been approved by the WHO. However, the Indian government did not approve them. Because they weren’t approved, so they weren’t imported. Because they have not been approved, their manufacture does not take place in India. And we are vaccinating at such a speed that it takes us 13 months just to vaccinate Delhi. So this is not a vaccination program! It is a joke made by the central government.

She said, “If we go ahead and see the position of Delhi stocks, it stands where it was yesterday. Also today, Delhi has 8 27,000 lakh vaccines for 45+ and for 18-44, Delhi has 2,68,000 vaccines. For 45+ we have 5 days of Covaxin stock and 57 days of Covishield stock available. For 18-44 year olds, we have a one-day supply of Covaxin and 13 days of Covishield’s supply. So, as of today, June 21, when the nationwide universal vaccination campaign began, it had no effect on Delhi’s stock position. Delhi has not even received a single extra dose of the vaccine. Delhi has been extremely vulnerable to the waves of COVID as we have tourists from home and abroad and Delhi’s population density is very high. So it is our call to the central government not to leave Delhi at the speed of 13 months and to provide vaccines to the people of Delhi at a faster rate. “


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