TCI JAPAN launched its breakthrough, SCIENCE OF PROBIOTICS, demonstrating how to keep probiotics alive without refrigeration for over a year


Probiotics represent a growing share of the global functional food market as the idea of ​​“replacing ‘bad’ bacteria with ‘good’ ones to improve health” becomes widely accepted. Of all the commercially available probiotics, lactic acid bacteria are the most well-known to consumers. Lactic acid bacteria refer to a group of bacteria capable of converting sugars, such as glucose and lactose, into lactic acid by fermentation. These probiotic organisms have been widely applied in foods and beverages. In Japan, lactic acid bacteria have been consumed for years for a wide range of health benefits. In recent years, research on the dietary application of lactic acid bacteria has progressed by leaps and bounds. So far, studies have pointed out that the health benefits of lactic acid bacteria, in addition to bowel regulation and inhibition of pathogenic bacteria, also include lowering cholesterol level, increasing immune systems, prevention of tumors, regulation of blood pressure and relief of allergy symptoms.

According to research, it is by colonizing the intestinal tract that lactic acid bacteria can exert their effect on intestinal regulation. Currently, many lactic acid bacteria drinks or lactic acid bacteria preparations for intestinal regulation are formulated with lactic acid bacteria isolated from the human intestine to enhance colonization in the human body. However, these probiotic products often do not fully exert their effect, as the live cultures contained in the products can be killed before being consumed by humans due to improper storage, while only live probiotics are capable. colonize the intestinal tract and improve the intestinal environment. Food scientists have developed products containing lactic acid bacteria in various product forms, such as beverages, tablets and powders, with the aim of allowing the “good” bacteria to stay alive during storage so that they can be kept alive during storage. ‘they are more likely to bring health. benefits in the human gut.

TCI Japan PROBIOTIC SCIENCE is the first in the industry to announce the development of a new patented process where high efficiency fermentation technology is used to infuse into each small glass bottle of beverage with 100 billion live probiotics, roughly the equivalent of the total number of probiotics in ten bottles of common lactic acid bacteria drinks. In addition, thanks to its advanced technology, a high number of live cultures can be kept alive in drinks for 18 months, even at room temperature. This historic technological innovation not only solves vendors’ difficulties in storing probiotics, but enables consumers to enjoy potent, fast-acting, long-lasting probiotic drinks. In the modern age with increasing consumer awareness, Japan takes the lead in the health food industry by Asia and has successfully used scientific research and development to make very good products.


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