Sushi and sake pairings at Shogun in Delmar


Chef Jose Arteche combined his Asian heritage with his love of delicious food 13 years ago, when he opened the Shogun sushi and sake bar in Delmar.

“We want you to experience essentially the most natural, flavorful food,” said Arteche, chef and owner.

Dishes include nigiri sushi with freshly sliced ​​bluefin tuna and Norwegian nascent salmon over citrus vinegar rice. Another staple is the homemade, seasonal dumplings filled with roasted local beets, goat cheese, and herbs.

“People love it when you make homemade dumplings. You can make a difference with the love you can put inside, ”said Arteche, who inherited the love of dumplings from his mother, Akemi, when he was little.

“She’s from Okinawa, so to bring home the taste, we used to make dumplings together in the kitchen,” Arteche said.

He says you can easily eat sushi with tempura. Shrimp tempura is a key ingredient in Shogun’s most popular dish, the Golden Dream Sushi Roll.

It starts with nori, rice, sesame seeds, freshly sliced ​​avocado and spicy Arteche tuna. It is garnished with tempura. It is finished with a trifecta of spicy mayo, eel sauce and its mango mirin sauce.

“You got the sweet, the sour, the spicy,” he said.

Not in the mood for sushi? You can try any of the Shogun’s steak, chicken or fish dishes.

East meets West with wasabi pea crusted salmon and assorted vegetables.

Pair your food with imported Japanese sake, which Arteche says compliments sushi like fine wine.

“Some sakes are aged in a cedar barrel, so it almost looks like a cabernet,” he said.

The restaurant’s name is inspired by the type of dining experience Arteche wants its customers to enjoy.

“When you come here, we will do everything to treat you basically like a shogun, empress, emperor,” he said.

Arteche hopes to stay in Delmar for at least 13 more years.

“We appreciate the love that people give us and we want to give that love back,” he said.

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