Store loses liquor license after selling spirits to children

A Nailsea store will not reopen after it was stripped of its license for selling alcohol and vapes to underage teenagers.

A mother told Avon and Somerset Police that her 15-year-old son bought vodka and Jack Daniel’s at the Nailsea International Store and staff made no attempt to verify his age. She said it was “common knowledge” among her friends that “any underage person” could get served, especially on a Friday, and two underage schoolgirls had bought vapes during her visit.

Nailsea School said the Colliers Walk business was causing “huge” safeguarding issues and putting its students at risk.

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Police and trading standards swooped down on the business after a relative’s anonymous tip that young people there were being tricked into buying illegal tobacco from a car.

Owner Nadjet Mosher was seen trying to put the keys to his Vauxhall Astra in a bin, North Somerset Council’s licensing subcommittee heard, and two holdalls full of illegal tobacco products were found found in the rear seats.

Mr Mosher admitted guilt but said he was ill when his associate carried out underage sales which became well known to students at Nailsea School and raised safeguard concerns.

Licensing police officer Andy Jones told advisers on February 28: “Mr. Mosher showed no understanding of his responsibilities and license terms and his attempts to show due process and evidence of basic paper documents in the store can be described as chaotic.

“I have included in the application evidence from Trading Standards showing behavior by Mr. Mosher attempting to deceive authorities by making illegal sales to his primary clientele of schoolchildren without any regard for public health or safety.

“The police feel they have no choice but to ask the committee to revoke the license for the premises.”

Mr Mosher, who also owns a store in Filton in Bristol, said he was ill when the underage sales were made.

He told the hearing: “I am guilty. I apologize for everything. I told my staff not to sell to under 18s. I did not know.

Mr Mosher said he closed the store in January and would not reopen. He had already offered to return the premises license when councilors voted to revoke it.

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