Southport bistro’s liquor license suspended indefinitely after weekend shooting

Officials say the business still has its food license, but the business has been closed since the shooting.

A sign posted on the door indicates that the restaurant is closed for maintenance.

The Consumer Protection Department said it issued a “summary suspension” due to a referral from the Fairfield Police Department.

In a letter to the Department of Consumer Protection, Chief Police Commissioner Robert Kalamaras detailed the shooting that occurred early Sunday morning.

Police say the restaurant appears to be turned into an after-hours nightclub.

In the letter, Kalamaras also described several other incidents to which police have responded in recent months. Kalamaras said those incidents included a person in a car who was bleeding from the mouth, college parties where minors were given alcohol, and an incident where a bouncer sprayed customers with pepper spray, which the police deemed it unjustified.

In the letter, Kalamaras went on to say, “Regardless of our enforcement and investigative efforts to address the quality of life issues that Wafu Asian Bistro has created, they have not taken steps to comply with the Connecticut state liquor laws. successive offenses within six months for serving alcohol to minors. Business owners’ failure to follow laws and regulations resulted in a shooting and serious injury to a customer, which could have resulted in a homicide. This agency is respectfully requesting a summary suspension of the Wafu Asian Bistro liquor license to allow for a full review of all reports and complaints related to this business.”

The suspension of the liquor license was granted. As for the food license, the Fairfield Health Department says it is currently under review.

In the meantime, the shooting suspect is still at large.

Police say the victim, who was discharged from hospital, is not cooperating with the investigation.

Police are asking anyone with information to come forward.

News 12 Connecticut has contacted the owner of the property as well as the owners of the restaurant, but has not yet received a response.

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