SK Geo Centric and Tokuyama to build wafer washing agent factory

This photo shows representatives from SK Geo Centric, Tokuyama and Ulsan Metropolitan Office, including SK Geo Centric CEO Na Kyung-soo (fourth from left) and Tokuyama Chairman Hiroshi Yokota (sixth from left ), celebrating the launch of construction of a high-purity isopropyl alcohol plant in Ulsan on Monday. (SK Geo Centric)

South Korean petrochemical company SK Geo Centric has started construction of a semiconductor wafer surface washing material production facility with Tokyo-based Tokuyama Chemical Company in Ulsan, a city about 300 kilometers north of southeast of Seoul, the company said Monday.

SK Geo Centric aims to produce some 30,000 metric tons of high-purity, semiconductor-grade isopropyl alcohol annually through a 50/50 joint venture with Tokuyama starting in 2024.

Isopropyl alcohol is the material used to clean and dehydrate the surface of chip slices. It is also applied in the manufacturing process of liquid crystal display panels.

The joint venture, called Stac, seeks to complete construction of the plant on a 20,000 square meter plot in southern Ulsan by the second half of 2023. The two companies have also injected 120 billion won (92 million) in the project. in December and expect to create some 5,000 jobs in the industrial city.

Under the project, SK Geo Centric will supply propylene to the plant and be responsible for plant operations and marketing, while Tokuyama will provide the underlying technology to manufacture the advanced material.

The high purity wafer cleaning material has been supplied to the country’s chip manufacturing giants such as Samsung Electronics and SK hynix. Korean chipmakers have relied on companies like LG Chem for isopropyl alcohol supply.

The company added that the new plant will have an environmentally friendly manufacturing process by reducing waste and utilities.

“We are pleased to announce that chemical companies representing Korea and Japan are working to manufacture the crucial material in the semiconductor industry,” SK Geo Centric general manager Na Kyung-soo said in a statement. a statement. “(SK and Tokuyama) will continue to cooperate to produce and sell high-quality products.”

The demand for isopropyl alcohol has increased in the area of ​​semiconductor wafer washing, with the advent of advanced technologies such as fifth-generation networking, the Internet of Things and artificial intelligence, according to SK Geo Centric. .

By Son Ji-hyoung ([email protected])

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