Russian invasion of Ukraine: Nigerian and Ghanaian students in ‘panic mode’ after Vladimir Putin orders military operation

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Some African students for Ukraine say they panic because they are happy for Ukraine.

Say na after Russian President Vladimir Putin launched a “special military operation” for Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region.

In a televised address, Putin bin urges Ukrainian soybeans who clash with Russian-backed rebels to surrender their weapons and return to their homes.

Mr Putin says Russia has no intention of occupying Ukraine, but warns Moscow’s response will be “instant” if anyone tries to challenge Russia.

Di mata does not arouse reactions throughout the world.

“We fear for our lives”

A Nigerian student for Ukraine, George Samuel Woedey, said the situation for Ukraine was serious and many ODA students feared it could happen to them.

Woedey told BBC Pidgin that IM and ODA students planned to leave Ukraine through the land border to say the government was not closing airspace.

The Nigerian man who lives for the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, says he plans to enter Poland through the land border and from Poland go to Dubai.

“Everything has been difficult since the beginning of the tension between Russia and Ukraine. Right now everyone is moving upside down to find a way out,” Woedey said.

Emmanuel Ibrahim, who is studying for the National Aerospace University of Ukraine, also said he was in panic mode due to the ongoing attack.

I must say that even though some are scared, some of them continue their daily activities, but the banks are not closing.

“I panic because they continue for Ukraine. I can’t leave the airspace to say that they are closed. Russia only attacks the only city near Poland where Pipo managed to get away. escape,” Ibrahim Tok said.

Ibrahim tok says school get a bunker where i am fit to hide but i am not currently in school and i am not in school fit right now, to say russia not start not to attack the school community.

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“The airstrikes are a shock, we are panicking”

“The news is a shock, they are advising us not to go out, we are panicking” Philip Bobie Ansah, President of Ghana Students (NUGS) speaks to BBC Pidgin.

The Ghana Embassy for Switzerland is reaching out to collect data on Ghanaian students who are asking Ukraine for possible evacuation once they are able to make this possible.

“We are still talking to them, evacuation is at the top of the agenda,” he added.

“Either they evacuate by air when Russia ceases fire, or they land in neighboring countries”, explains Mr. Bobie Ansah.

But for now, it will be difficult to evacuate the airstrikes so that the planes do not fly.

But if the authorities decide to move them by land to a neighboring country, for example Poland, they will send them by plane to Ghana.

“Our families are worried, they are contacting us to find out what is going on,” said Bobie Andah.

He explains, let’s say now, that Ukraine announces the state of emergency that they follow to make sure they are safe.

The Ghana Embassy in Switzerland also asks them to remain calm.

“We never hear about the Nigerian goment”

The Nigerian student from Anoda simply identifies himself as Anthony to say that he is stuck for Ukraine and has never heard of the Nigerian Embassy.

Anthony, we haven’t been in Ukraine for five years to say im and oda students don’t write to the embassy but they never hear from them. I say I’m in school and I’m taking a bunker.

Nigerian and Ghanaian wetin goment tok?

The Nigerian government does not ensure that citizens who live for Ukraine say that as soon as the airports in di kontri are not open, they will help evacuate those who want to come to kontri.

Tok-tok pesin for the Ministry of Affairs, Francisca Mayuli gave information that the Nigerian Embassy for Ukraine does not reassure them about the safety of Nigerians for Ukraine and they are taking steps to ensure their safety.

She adds that the Nigeria mission does not confirm that Russian military action is limited to military installations for Ukraine.

Meanwhile, before di mata bin escalates, the Nigeria Embassy for Ukraine bin releases emergency contacts for Nigerians living for Ukraine and areas near di kontri in case of mata wey relate to enquiries, consular and welfare requests.

The Ghanaian government, on its part, also released a statement saying it was concerned about the safety of dia citizens for Ukraine.

“The government of Ghana is very concerned about the safety and security of our over 1000 students and other Ghanaians for Ukraine, we are asking them to find shelter for dia hostels or government shelter places while we engage the authorities, the competent diplomatic missions and our honorary consul on further measures.” From statement speak.

Nigerian Embassy Ukraine Emergency Contacts

Nigerian government says Nigerians reside for Ukraine and can contact emergency contacts

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