Royals player lost ball in the sun, had sunglasses upside down



Screenshot of Talkin ‘Baseball’s Twitter video

Music legend Paul Simon was at Thursday’s Royals-Yankees game, so no matter how unlikely it is, it’s possible that Kansas City infielder Hanser Alberto told him, “You can m ‘call Al. “*

* Yeah, I worked too hard for this terrible joke

Of course, that probably didn’t happen, but Simon is a Yankees fan, which means he’s more likely to have applauded when Alberto lost a pop-up in the sun.

As you can see in the video below, Alberto had his sunglasses on when the Yankees’ Rougned Odor appeared on the infield in the third inning. But there was a little problem:

Yes, the sunglasses didn’t cover Alberto’s eyes. The odor reached the base of a ball that had an expected batting average of 0.010 (per Baseball Savant). Royals fans and others made no secret of their distaste for the mistake, even though it was a simple one.

The next round, Alberto returned to the field and wore the sunglasses over his eyes.

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