Regina Daniels: “Arrest and detention of Jaruma for palava with my husband Ned Nwoko”

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Nollywood actress Regina Daniels does not wash her hands during the arrest and detention of Hauwa Saidu wey pipo sabi as a seller of Jaruma di kayamata (aphrodisiac).

For an inside post for her social media handle, Daniels clarified her affair with Jaruma who denies saying she collects money and doesn’t do the work that Jaruma pays for.

“I actually say I deliver my work based on our various discussions. She suppose to provide content and I suppose post on my page. She sends me a draft agreement which I refuse to sign because I see say that some terms are misleading but she insists that we continue on my own terms. Miss Jaruma also came up with different content ideas that are not acceptable to me because they are misleading to me and the audience. Daniels writes.

In addition to her arrest and detention, Daniels says it’s for the lie she posted against her husband.

Regina says Jaruma’s arrest has nothing to do with his business deal with her, but it’s what she said was malicious about her husband.

Where is this photo from? Others

Jaruma’s latest arrests and detentions

The Jaruma and Ned Nwoko family gbas begin when she claims for the Instagram post that she is paying Ned Nwoko’s wife, Regina Daniels, 10 million naira to advertise her product and not delivering his work.

Regina for November 2021 bin comot to say that she has never used Kayamata and is not ending any relationship she has with Jaruma.

Jaruma bin responds to this statement that she does not use kayamata and refers to Ned Nwoko’s di oda wife wey bin comot di marriage.

She blamed the whole palava on Daniels not keeping up with his business deal.

Jaruma also spoke from the inside of a video she posts for her social media handle.

Na dia Ned Nwoko responds and washes her hands comot di mata and warns Jaruma ontop di mata.

Di mata takes the anoda level when Ned Nwoko files a motion and arrests Jaruma and charges him in court.

Police attorney E. A Inegbenoise told the court that Ned Nwoko, Regina Daniel’s husband wrote a petition from the attorneys im to the FCT Police Command for proper investigation on January 20, 2021.

For the sake of de-allegation, the police lawyer, Inegbenoise bin argues that the judge is keeping me in custody to allow them to carry out a proper investigation.

For the inside of the petition that BBC Pidgin can see, Ned Nwoko’s lawyer points out the following:

• Tell Hauwa Saidu Mohammed that he is the general manager of Empire Jaruma who defends crusade based on heinous defamation, slander, prevarication and aim to tell lies and rumors against client Ned Nwoko.

•Say that lies can tarnish my image and make me hate myself.

• Say that Jaruma is not only a customer detractor, but also a fraudulent miscreant, known to extort money from unsuspecting members of society through unlicensed love potions and unauthorized and other illicit products that lack efficacy.

• Say she is using her Instagram and oda social media platforms to cyber bully, troll and harvest dia client’s good name by spreading hate speech and making false references and statements to get dia client to break up with her ex -marries Lady Laila Charani as she posts photos and videos capable of misleading the public.

• Say that Jaruma has a questionable character, low moral values ​​and that she is a serial drug addict and distributor of illicit goods.

The Di FCT High Court sent Jaruma back to Suleja Prison after the police charged her in court.

Jaruma bin pleaded not guilty to the charges and a lawyer requested bail which the judge adjourned to Friday, January 28, 2022 to hear her request and ask him to keep her for Suleja jail until the den. Nollywood actress Regina Daniels does not wash her hands mata di arrest and detention of Hauwa Saidu wey pipo sabi as a seller of Jaruma di kayamata (aphrodisiac).

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