Proposed liquor code change could allow spirits to be sold in certain entertainment venues

the Naperville Liquor Commission proposes an amendment to the municipal by-law liquor code this would allow spirits to be served in establishments that hold a Class R liquor license for theatres. Currently, the Class R license only allows the sale of beer and wine.

Matrix club request

The proposed change came during Thursday’s Liquor Commission meeting at the request of The matrix club. The Restaurant, Banquet Hall, and Concert Hall at 808 S. Rt. 59 applied for a theater liquor license with this amendment, to allow them to sell spirits along with beer and wine before and during representations.

Commissioners were receptive to change. “I like the idea of ​​making a change to the class rather than making a waiver, rather than continuing to make these ad hoc changes for particular situations,” Commissioner Tony Signorella said.

bottle service

The Matrix Club has also applied for licenses to sell alcohol in its 4,500 square foot restaurant and to have alcohol at catered events in its 20,500 square foot banquet and entertainment space. Additionally, he had requested another amendment for bottle service, which would allow patrons at certain tables and VIP areas to purchase an entire bottle of spirits to keep at their self-service table. Liquor commissioners were wary of the idea when it was first proposed by the club at the last Liquor Commission meeting in April.

At Thursday’s meeting, Matrix Club owner Madan Kulkarni suggested another type of service.

“We are removing bottle service from our menus. It will not be offered to the people. If there is a specific request for bottle service, bottle service will be provided to them by our staff, and they will not be allowed to touch and serve themselves,” Kulkarni said.

Commissioner Michael DiSanto remains unconvinced.

“I think that would still likely be inconsistent with our code. Drinks must be purchased individually. You cannot be served more than one drink at a time,” DiSanto said.

Commissioner John Koranda suggested shelving the idea until the company was more established.

“I’m not in favor of bottle service, but it’s something to consider. Revisit it in six months to a year after it is operational,” Koranda said.

Next steps

Ultimately, the commission voted to approve the three licenses requested by The Matrix Club, but rejected the amendment for bottle service. The proposal to amend the Class R theater license to allow the sale of spirits will now go to City Council for consideration.

Reporting by Tim Jacobi of Naperville News 17

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