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Financial gurus say you have to have a “retirement car”. Well, my retirement car will only have the basics – automatic, rear park assist, lights that come on when it gets dark – and, most importantly, an engine that can handle the air conditioner.

But no matter how fancy the car is, the driver behind the wheel is still responsible not only for their own safety, but also that of their passengers and other road users.

It does not give you carte blanche to display the rules and laws of the road.

This was obviously ignored by the Audi driver, who recorded 308 km / h in a 120 km / h zone. Seriously, “What the hell were you thinking?”

First, the car must obviously have been tampered with, as my common sense tells me that no car is supposed to be an F1 car or a sleuth that can go over 300 km / h.

It is really a danger for all road users.

What if something had crossed the road at this point and had to either swerve or brake?

I doubt he would have survived or what he was trying to miss. I seriously wonder if there were other cars around at this time. Families were reportedly destroyed by a reckless driver. Already, we have lost 426 people in car crashes between January 1, 2021 and November 14, 2021 (New era, November 29, 2021). How many families have been destroyed because of this? Mothers, fathers and caregivers lost their lives during this period, leaving children orphaned.

Road accidents in the country increased by 8%, injuries increased by 6% and deaths increased by 12%.

One life lost is one too many.

To make our roads safer, all road users are required to comply at all times with the provisions of the Law on Traffic and Road Transport as amended, Law 22 of 1999, not only when they see a post of controlling traffic or patrol vehicles on the highway. , but standard everywhere.

More than 5,000 motorists received arrest warrants between January 2018 and December 2020 (New Era, February 10, 2021).

The most common offenses for which tickets were issued were speeding, driving without a license, driving without a seat belt, driving without a license and fines for used tires.

Now combine them.

I have seen long distance taxi drivers drive past me on national roads many times.

We know that some taxi commuters do not wear seat belts.

We also know that taxis don’t run without a full route. All I can say is thank goodness more roadblocks will be put up and more fines will be imposed to save lives.

Last week, as I returned to my business after lunch, I was visibly behind a mom, who had just picked up her little one from school – a lovely little girl.

Now the only reason I know she was a pretty little girl was because she was standing in the backseat of the car waving to me.

I was extremely angry with the mother for allowing this little girl to stand in the seat unrestrained. Second, the mother drove very fast.

At one point I was traveling 71 km / h and couldn’t keep up with it. Now, like this Audi female driver, what if she suddenly had to brake or swerve?

In conclusion, although Namibia has retained its place at the top of the list of the best routes on African content, we must take responsibility for our actions; the lives of our families and other road users matter. The holiday season is approaching; let’s see if we can reduce the death toll even further.

2021-12-09 Reverend Jan Scholtz

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