Opinion – Influencer marketing in the digital age

Albertina Kashuupulwa

Traditional marketing methods such as television or print no longer work well when compared to social media because as technology evolves, people are becoming more comfortable with consuming digital information. Abundant time is now spent on social media as it is seen as trustworthy, credible, likeable and genuine.

Influencer marketing falls under the different types of digital marketing strategies that businesses can use to market products and services. Today, influencer marketing has become a major marketing tool for brands around the world. Economic data shows that there is a rapid increase in the use of influencers by companies and businesses around the world, which clearly shows that the influencer industry has grown significantly.

The power of influencer marketing to affect customer purchasing decisions has prompted companies and businesses to invest in it.

This is strongly driven by the fact that consumers are more likely to trust third-party recommendations than the brand itself. In addition, influencers influence not only their networks but also those of their followers.

Businesses can reap the following benefits when investing in this type of marketing. First, influencer marketing has the potential to improve brand awareness by expanding audience reach and online positioning. As a result, social users will get to know the company better in terms of the products and services offered.

Second, by using the right influencers, your content will be placed in the eyes of social users who are already interested in your niche because the influencer has already favored those audiences on their social media platforms. Remember, the secret is in choosing the right and appropriate influencer who can meet the needs of the business.

Additionally, when organizations find themselves in situations where they lack content or simply need good quality content to post on social pages, influencers step in to fill that gap. Moreover, influencer marketing increases sales because it has a significant impact on the buying decision process of consumers.

Contrary to the above, there are still gray lines on the effectiveness of this type of marketing.

Many companies and businesses are still reluctant to use influencers because the influencer industry is unregulated and this leads to many challenges associated with this type of marketing.

Data from activities conducted on social media platforms by influencers cannot be verified as there are no verification methods in place. Another challenge lies in the difficulty of identifying the right influencers who can meet the needs of the company.

As a result, a dream come true for most companies and businesses is to tackle these challenges, as it could significantly increase the confidence of businesses and businesses in influencer marketing.

These types of endorsements are believed to provide companies with the opportunity to develop and cultivate a good reputation and in many cases these endorsements are considered to be effective and profitable for businesses.

*Albertina Kashuupulwa is a doctoral student and professional in communication and digital marketing. She writes for herself.

2022-08-18 Staff reporter

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