Open Forum: Say no to development for nature |

Jim davison

I ask City Council, the Glass-Glen Burnie Foundation and all other parties currently involved in the proposed development of the 20 acres adjacent to the MSV to say ‘no’ on behalf of nature and the natural habitat that would be destroyed. definitely for the following reasons:

• The drainage problems that this development would create would be devastating for downstream landowners in the surrounding neighborhoods. Currently, the watershed of this area is managed by nature, as it should, soaked in the soil, nourishing the plants and the canopy of trees. It does not flow through the streets in an already overloaded drainage system.

• This area is home to a multitude of wild animals. Those of us who live in the area, have walked our dogs behind the water tower, can testify to the large number of deer, turkeys, foxes, coyotes, hawks and many other wildlife that call this place “at home”. The MSV is affiliated with the Glass-Glen Burnie Foundation. The museum currently has a magnificent exhibit from a National Geographic photographer showing images of rare and exotic animals. These animals are endangered or endangered and the main reason is “habitat loss”.

My wife and I enjoyed the exhibit but we couldn’t help but find the irony in the fact that “habitat loss” is the main reason these animals are in danger, whereas in at the same time MSV is affiliated with the sale of this pristine habitat. that so many wild animals call “home”.

• Traffic and speed on the streets of the area are a whole other concern. Ask anyone in the area the speed of traffic on Meadow Branch or when crossing at a ‘crosswalk’.

I urge city council, foundation or others with power and influence to stop this project.

Jim Davison is a resident of Winchester.

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