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Pictured are Pour Decisions owners Jen Estes and Corey Famula. The company is located at 15 N. Jefferson Street in Millstadt.

It may look like a grand residence on the outside, but For Decisions Wine, Spirits & Gaming houses an extensive collection of local and rare drinks and will eventually house a private gaming area.

“This is not your typical liquor store. It’s an experience, and it’s a good experience,” said co-owner Corey Famula, who is chief financial officer for Laura Buick GMC of Collinsville when not at the shop.

The business, located at 15 N. Jefferson Street in Millstadt, opened earlier this year, with owners Famula and wine connoisseur Jen Estes at the helm.

The couple explained that their store carries many local favorites, such as bourbons, vodkas and whiskey from Stumpy, Social Grace vodka from Columbia (which is also distilled at Stumpy, Estes added) and craft beers from Millpond Brewing. & Millstadt Incubator. It is also proud to offer lesser-known products such as Hope Town Vodka, the proceeds of which are donated to help the Bahamas.

With their extensive collection of wines, craft beers and spirits, the couple acknowledged that it could be daunting to some. As a result, they organize tastings of a different product every day, as well as special tastings.

“It was like, ‘If we’re going to do this, I want to bring them new things and teach them about it,'” Estes said. never had or wouldn’t buy because they didn’t know if they would like it. That way they have a chance to learn about it.

Also distinguishing For Decisions from other stores, an expert staff is ready to answer all your questions.

“With most stores, you walk in and you have to find it yourself and you buy the bottle because the bottle is pretty, you don’t know what it tastes like,” Famula said. “We talk to you and help you decide what goes with what, because a lot of people are afraid to buy a bottle of wine and then take it to someone’s house and (find out) they’ve brought the wrong one. wine for the season or occasion.”

Come summer, Pour Decisions will also have a private games room where customers can also order drinks to enjoy while they play. Winner’s Choice provides the games, providing another local link as Estes said it was owned by a Columbia man.

“Right now the majority of places to go are bars and there are a lot of people who would love not to go to a bar to play for a little while,” she said. “So we have a private space where they can go and sit and play.”

The idea for Pour Decisions was born when Estes came across property as a real estate agent.

Knowing Ray’s One Stop – owned and operated by Famula’s father for many years – the closure marked the end of a one-stop liquor destination in Millstadt, the couple saw the need for such a store.

“It all started because I went to make a registration appointment in this building,” Estes said. “There hasn’t been anything like (Ray’s) in Millstadt for about 15 years. Someone said, ‘We don’t have a liquor store, we don’t have anything like that in town, why don’t you do that?’ After much deliberation, that’s what we ended up doing and we ended up buying the building.

Before housing Pour Decisions, the building housed a chiropractic center, a dentist’s office, and even a home and office for a popular doctor.

Like any new business, Estes and Famula are looking for employees to take care of the register, the sales room and, when the game room opens, serve alcohol to customers.

“They can’t be afraid to talk to people, that’s for sure,” Estes said with a laugh, citing the pleasant environment at Pour Decisions.

To learn more about Pour Decisions and keep up to date with upcoming tasting events, visit the company on Facebook or call 618-476-6086.

The store is also participating in the Millstadt Autism Walk this Saturday, which will help the Millstadt Parks Department purchase inclusive playground equipment. The event is at Millstadt Village Park.

Pour Decisions will be holding donation items for a wheelbarrow of liquor for the event raffle. They are also donating an additional 10% on all item sales towards this raffle prize.

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