Nigerian Nurse Reveals How Drug Addiction Nearly Destroyed Her Life

“If I never take Pentazocine at that time, I’m going to get upset anyway.

“I’m going to have a slight headache, I’m having chills. My brain is just going to remind me to say my body needs healing.”

Say na wetin a Nigerian nurse Maggie (not her real name) tells BBC Pidgin that she ultimately failed to fight drug addiction and almost destroyed her life.

Maggie is a registered nurse with family.

She is still trying to get back to how her life was before addiction.

And she told BBC Pidgin that if she never takes pentazocine she dey vex wit pipo.

It is only when she takes her body that she descends, she adds.

Drug abuse is a big health problem affecting mental health across Nigeria.

Authorities in the West African country have also failed to establish laws to try to put an end to the concern.

Maggie injects drugs into her vein so that all her veins collapse and she no longer sees the vein to inject again.

“I can move to my muscles. I use them for my butt.

“I have an abscess, so I’m going to move to my thigh just to inject and get that feeling,” Maggie told BBC Pidgin.

She lost a lot of boxes to drugs

Maggie says her drug addiction is significant, and one of her jobs she lost to the hospital.

She says the second time she lost her education to say that drugs are not allowing her to complete her program for Nigerian university.

“To say that I inject drugs in my thigh, I can’t use my leg to walk normally again.

“So both my knees are stiff, I’m home now. If it’s not pentazocine, I’m working making oda boxes,” she said.

How Addiction Started

The woman says the first time she used pentazocine was after her ectopic pregnancy surgery.

And no doctor prescribes me to help me relieve the pain.

When Maggie had an accident, she remembers saying Pentazocine is no painkiller.

And she begins to use the am without medical prescription and gets used to being addicted to the pseudonym.

His Journey to Redemption

The woman says she realizes she is not adept at quitting drug addiction on her own.

I’m going to have her contact the National Drug Enforcement Agency and tell them she’s on the other side.

“I go to the office every week. They start advising me,” Maggie said.

But Maggie returns to drugs after being advised against.

However, she starts her rehabilitation again and finally recovers for the year 2019.

Maggie says she blames herself and uses pentazocine without a doctor’s prescription.

And she also blames the pharmacists who sell me for me.

“If I say I don’t see the drug, I won’t continue to use it.

“So I blame myself, I will blame the pharmacy they sell for me,” the tok woman said.

“It’s a shame that I don’t suffer from hiding dis tori dons either, so I decided to share it,” Maggie revealed.

Now she tours her community and gives health talks

What is Pentazocine?

Pentazocine is a drug they use to relieve moderate and severe pain.

Dem also made to use before surgery or under general anesthesia.

Pentazocine is part of a group of medications they call narcotic pain relievers.

And no prescription drugs – meaning you’re not supposed to buy or use without a doctor’s prescription.

They act on the central nervous system to relieve pain.

When pipo uses narcotic drugs for a long time, it can cause them to become dependent on the drug.

Wetin NDLEA Act tok on drugs?

Under the NDLEA Act, any pesin in possession of cocaine, heroin or similar drugs is guilty of an offence.

And they will not be sentenced to a prison term of less than 15 years and will not exceed 25 years.

I’m not talking about possession of drugs like pentazocine and addiction to those drugs.

But the health authorities in Nigeria advise pipo neva to use drugs without a doctor’s prescription because they are dangerous to health.

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