Newfoundland and Labrador Indian beer takes on a new flavor as IPA



ST. JOHN’S, NL – Indian beer has long been a staple in downtown St. John’s bars. Brewed and distributed exclusively in Newfoundland and Labrador, its iconic logo features a Newfoundland dog above the “Man’s Best Friend” slogan.

Jason Hull, Molson’s regional sales manager in Atlantic Canada, estimates India has many friends in St. John’s, estimating that 80 percent of lager sales are made in the capital of Newfoundland and Labrador. .

“We never really encouraged it as a business,” said Hull, who has worked with Molson since 1999 and remembers how it was adopted back then as a brand by the local arts community and other people from the downtown scene.

“We never made a secret of it being a Molson product or whatever, but people really love the story behind it – the fact that it’s made here in Newfoundland – and Labrador, and it just resonates with this group. “

First brewed by the Newfoundland Brewing Co. in the late 1800s, India Beer found a new home with Molson in the 1960s when she acquired the independent brewery.

For a long time, Molson and Labatt products were pretty much the only beer options in town, but the thriving craft brewing industry has dramatically changed the landscape. Local beer drinkers love to try out all kinds of styles, with India Pale Ales (IPA) proving particularly popular these days.

“Certainly there has been an explosion of artisanal products in North America and Newfoundland and Labrador,” Hull said. “We see that (IPA) is the number one style out there.”

“We never made a secret of it being a Molson product or whatever, but people really love the story behind it – the fact that it’s made here in Newfoundland – and Labrador, and that it simply resonates with that group. ” – Jason Hull, Regional Sales Manager for Molson in Atlantic Canada

New start

With that in mind, Molson lends India’s name and logo to a new beer brewed exclusively from its Circular Road brewery in St. John’s. India Beer IPA, a session IPA with five percent alcohol by volume, hit stores last week.

“It was really just to give our Indian drinkers a little different flavor,” Hull explained. “We have a lot (of IPAs) in our wallet. We can get beers from BC, get beers from anywhere and get an IPA. But there was something about the making on Circular Road. and the inscription of the name of India is quite special for us and the people of the brewery. “

The Newfoundland Brewing Co. had its own IPA decades ago, but it does not serve as direct inspiration for the recipe for the new beer. Hull said the India Beer IPA has a hazy aspect and tropical notes to its taste, using Citra, Mosaic and El Dorado hops.

“It’s very sessionable,” Hull said. “It’s for someone who wants to sip a few. It’s pretty easy to drink.

The idea of ​​producing an Indian brand IPA was born about a year ago.

“We just thought we have a lot of drinkers who love India, who love the other Molson products, and we just wanted to open up the deal to them really and show them what we have… We’re obviously known for our mainstream beers. … we can also come up with a really good IPA if they are looking for one from us. “

India Beer IPA is available in cans of 473 milliliters and in packs of eight cans of 355 milliliters. It is also available on tap in some places.

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