New Jersey is nearly last in America when it comes to beer consumption

It’s an interesting study. When it comes to beer consumption in America, New Jersey is almost the least beer consuming state in the country. It’s true when it comes to beer, only two states, Connecticut and Utah, drink less than we do here in the Garden State.

The findings come from Point Com beer information and it looks like New Jersey is 48th in the union for beer consumption. The state with the highest beer consumption is surprisingly North Dakota. In North Dakota, residents consume 45.8 gallons per person per year. New Jersey consumes an average of 22.4 gallons per person per year.

According to Beer Info, “Overall beer consumption in the United States per adult 21 and older is approximately 28.2 gallons per person per year.” Thus, New Jersey is below the national average when it comes to beer consumption in America. Markus Spiske Markus Spiske

It seems like the “craft” beer industry is booming here in New Jersey. We now have some very good local breweries in Ocean and Monmouth counties and their products seem very popular with many intriguing and imaginative beer selections for us here on the Jersey Shore.

So what do you think of this report? surprised that beer consumption is low in New Jersey? Interesting findings as legal adult marijuana sales begin here in the Garden State. If you’re a beer drinker, do you have a favorite? is it a national brand or is it a local brewery brand that you like? Share your favorite beers below and let us know what you like.

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