Ne-Yo Requests Confidentiality Amid Wife Cheating Accusations – Billboard

Ne-Yo’s wife, Crystal Renay, has said she will not be staying with her husband after claiming he was unfaithful to her for eight years.

Renay shared a personal update on her marriage to Ne-Yo on social media on Saturday (July 30), telling her followers that to say she is “heartbroken and disgusted” about the situation would be an “understatement.”

“For the sake of our children, my family and I will meet our challenges behind closed doors,” Ne-Yo replied on Twitter on Sunday afternoon (July 31), a day after Renay posted a lengthy note on Instagram. “Personal matters are not meant to be discussed and dissected in public forums. I just ask that you respect my privacy and that of my family at this time.



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On Saturday, Renay wrote: “8 years of lies and deceit. 8 years of unknowingly sharing my life and my husband with many women who sell their bodies to him without protection… to the last! To say I am heartbroken and disgusted is an understatement. Asking me to stay and accept it is absolutely insane. The mentality of a narcissist.

“I will no longer lie to the public or pretend it’s something it’s not,” she said of the allegations. “I choose myself, I choose my happiness and my health and my respect. I gained 3 beautiful children from this, but nothing but lost years and heartache. I ask you all to stop sending me videos or information about him cheating, because what he does is no longer my concern. I am not a victim. I choose to stand with my head held high. If someone can’t love you the way you deserve, it’s up to you to love yourself. With no hate in my heart, I only wish him the best.

Ne-Yo recently addressed the prior marital issues he endured with Renay in an interview with Billboard. Earlier this month, talking about new album self-explanatory, he said, “It’s no secret that during the pandemic the couple briefly contemplated a divorce. But he said the couple, who married in 2016 and renewed their vows in 2022, were successful at the time.

“It took the pandemic for us to really sit down and have these necessary, but really uncomfortable conversations… These situations, for whatever reason, always make for amazing song lyrics. A lot of those song lyrics are on this album,” the R&B singer had said of the experience with his wife.

The couple welcomed their third child together last year, in June 2021. Ne-Yo is also the father of two other children from a previous relationship.

See Crystal’s note and Ne-Yo’s response from this weekend below.

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