Kim Kardashian ready to wear adult diapers for fashion reasons – Film News |

Kim Kardashian is ready to wear adult diapers if it means her outfit looks good.

During an interview for The Ellen DeGeneres Show airing in the United States on Wednesday, the reality TV star emphasized that she would always compromise between comfort and tailoring.

“I’ll be in pajamas and a tracksuit when I’m home, but when I go out I’ll literally wear anything. I don’t care if I’m uncomfortable or if I have to wear a diaper and not go to the bathroom . don’t care,” she said, adding that she actually bought adult diapers as she prepared to take a law exam. “I actually bought adult nappies when I took the bar exam because I didn’t know how it worked, so I figured I had to sit there for eight hours straight. “

Elsewhere in the chat, Kim revealed her eight-year-old daughter North West, who she shares with ex-husband Kanye West, took creative control of her photoshoot for US Vogue magazine’s March 2022 issue. Specifically, North picked out the clothes her three siblings should wear.

“She styled everything. They were all going to wear black but she came out and said, ‘This is so boring, I can’t believe this is what we’re going to wear, I’m going to dress everyone up,’ “, the 41-year-old recalled. “She went (into) everyone’s closet and chose everything.”

Kim added, “Every time I have to do a photo shoot with my kids or my cousins ​​it’s like the worst day of my life and I always say I’ll never do it again but then you get amazing photos like this one.

“It was supposed to be a group photo, but no one wanted to take photos together and everyone was crying and wanted me to hold them. So that’s what we got. But it’s so perfect and cute .”

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