Kerry Parnell: Harry and William should end the family feud for the sake of their mother


It’s a real tragedy that after supporting each other through the trauma of their mother’s death, there is blood between Princes William and Harry, writes Kerry Parnell.

As Princes William and Harry prepare to unveil their statue of Diana this week, we hope the occasion helps sweeten their stony relationship.

When the brothers reunite at Kensington Palace for their late mother’s 60th birthday on Thursday, it might inspire them to cut the sniping with the tape and start over.

Of all the things Diana missed – seeing her sons marry and become fathers – the fallout between once-close princes is not one of them.

Although she comes from a troubled family – she had a broken relationship with her mother Frances, whom she did not speak to at the time of her death after her butler Paul Burrell claimed that she had called her daughter a “whore.” – Diana lavished love on her sons.

“I live for my boys, I would be lost without them,” she said.

What a tragedy then to come to this: after supporting each other through the trauma of their mother’s death, to lose each other in such a bitter way.

It’s been almost a quarter of a century since Diana died. I was in London in 1997 and I experienced public hysteria, flowers, mourning. But over time, the more I write about the late princess, the more I feel sad about her loss, especially now that Harry is adrift, like his mother before him. It wouldn’t have happened that way, if she had always been there.

Family fallouts happen all the time, especially when spouses and children are introduced. A lot of people can feel betrayed by those close to them, but it’s how you decide to move forward that is the key. Sometimes letting go of bitterness also heals the injured person.

Now is the perfect time to declare a truce: William and Harry should make Diana’s 60th the time to honor her memory with the greatest gift possible. The roadmap to achieving peace is simple: put a monogrammed sock on it. An entire drawer of them, preferably. Sharing personal drama in the public eye simply means curtains for your relationships.

They don’t need to be best friends, but they need to talk to each other. Even Putin and Biden managed to sit down; William and Harry need to move on and the best way to do that is to declare a ceasefire and refuse to comment on family matters. For Harry and Meghan, that means more Oprah’s truth bombs and changing the narrative from how they’ve been abused in the past to what they do in the future.

Sharing their “lived experience” for the sake of mental health awareness is to be commended, but there comes a time when the story begins to own you. If you don’t move forward, you will get stuck in the past.

Diana has had her future cruelly taken away, her sons owe it to their mother to make the most of theirs. They can do this by forgiving, if not by forgetting.

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