‘Jérémy, for [Expletive] Sake. Stop now’

Succession has some of the best actors on television right now, with several Primetime Emmy wins, and part of that game is a method game. The method game has been around for decades, with actors like Dustin Hoffman and Daniel Day-Lewis popularizing it.

Several actors have gone to extremes to get into their character’s mind, risking their health, thus proving that as effective as the acting method of delivering roles is, it has a negative effect.

Jeremy Strong as Kendall Roy and Brian Cox as Logan Roy | Craig Blankenhorn / HBO

In an interview, Succession Actor Brian Cox has revealed that watching co-star Jeremy Strong play Kendall Roy can be intense.

Cox finds it hard to watch Strong play Kendall in ‘Succession’

Strong does not see himself as a method actor, but draws inspiration from those who came before him, such as Day-Lewis, for whom he worked in 2005 as an assistant. Strong says The Guardian that he had always admired Lewis’ commitment to the craft, his bravery and willingness to ridicule himself in order to deliver a character perfectly.

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On the set of his hit show Succession, Strong almost acts like his hero Day-Lewis. To bring his trembling character to life in the critically acclaimed series, Strong separates himself from the other actors on set, especially Cox, who plays his father with whom he has a strained relationship.

Strong admits that his ability to part ways with Cox makes it easier to accurately capture their characters’ strained relationship. He said,

“We all have different processes, and he tolerates me, and I have invaluable respect for him. But I prefer to keep him in his corner, and I stay in mine so that we can meet in the ring.

However, Cox disapproves of Strong’s methods. In an interview with the New York Times, Cox, reviewing the contents of his book, said he doesn’t care about Strong’s approach as it can be difficult to watch him play the intense character.

The actor told the interviewer he disapproved of the word ‘process’, laughing and saying:

“It’s boring beyond belief. But you have to let it go and say, it’s fine as long as what comes out at the end is justifiable… it’s hard because sometimes you say ‘Jeremy for love (expletive). Stop now.”

Kendall Roy is a complex character

Kendall Roy is complex for several reasons. For starters, his ambition usually results in repeated conflicts with his father as he demands his approval. Kendall also has an ongoing battle with drug addiction creeping into her head at the worst possible time. He also lacks self-confidence, which gets worse when his father is around.

The show successfully sprinkled hints of Kendall’s insecurities throughout the show. In Season 1, Kendall was the prime contender to inherit his father’s business empire, but betrayed him towards the end.

However, by the end of the second season, he was ready to take responsibility for the sexual assault scandal plaguing the company.

Before each scene, Strong talks about the details of his character with Jesse Armstrong, the show’s creator. Strong explained how the role affected him, saying acting was not “just an imaginary experience, but you go through something and it costs you.”

“Succession” almost ends its three seasons

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The third season of Succession follows the Roy family’s business, Waystar Royco, which comes under increased surveillance following the FBI raid.

Family and friends have had to take sides in the feud involving Logan and Kendall, who want to strengthen their respective profiles as they attempt to maintain and gain power.

The third season kicked off on October 17, 2021, with the lineup consisting of nine episodes. Seven episodes have already aired, and two more will air on December 5 and 12.

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