Japan Airlines complains after Australian rugby and football team stolen from alcohol


An investigation has been opened into suspected alcohol-related misbehavior on the part of Australia’s rugby sevens and soccer teams on their return trip from the Tokyo Olympics.

Japan Airlines sent a written complaint to the Australian Olympic Committee over the inappropriate behavior on the flight, 7 News reported on Tuesday.

The AOC has confirmed that it was made aware of “unacceptable behavior” by members of the Rugby and Football Codes on the flight to Sydney on July 30.

AOC chief executive Matt Carroll said that while there were several sports sharing the flight, the rugby and football teams had taken full responsibility.

“Although there have been no formal complaints from the airline, unacceptable behavior has been brought to our attention and I have directly raised the issue with our member sports CEOs,” Mr. Carroll said. .

“It’s extremely disappointing, but both rugby and football have told me that such behavior is certainly not acceptable in their sport and have sincerely apologized to the Australian Olympic team.

“The CEOs are committed to taking appropriate action and reporting to us. “

After being made aware of the bad behavior, the AOC immediately held a meeting with the sports CEOs who had representatives on the flight.

Mr. Carroll called on CEOs to “deal with any behavioral issues with their players and officials immediately,” according to a statement issued by the AOC.

The antics of the Olympic village

As a result, a handful of athletes from Australia’s men’s rowing and rugby teams have left their rooms in the Olympic Village in ruins.

The rooms were reportedly damaged and housekeepers were called in to clean up the vomit.

The Australian Olympic Committee played down the accusations, saying only a few athletes were involved in the “filthy” state rooms that had been left.

The players are said to have disturbed their Aussie teammates and athletes from rival nations still competing during their wild frolics on Friday and Saturday night.

Ten Australian athletes had to temporarily self-isolate and undergo Covid-19 tests after defying Olympic rules and partying with athletes from other countries.

Australian Chef de Mission Ian Chesterman said it was a “very minor offense” and all athletes returned negative covid tests.

Any sanctions would be imposed by the national athlete federations, Chesterman said.

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