Is it a lamp or bread? People Are Amazed At The Bread-Inspired Creation Of Japanese Artists

Creativity has no right way of expression and we have learned that from the amazing art we see around the world! People use all kinds of mediums to express their creativity. Art can be almost anything, it can be the centerpiece on your shelf or the food on your plate. It is our point of view that makes the difference; after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Today we found an artist who has brought two of her passions together to create art that is sure to blow your mind! Looked:

This image was shared @9gag on Instagram but credits went to @pampshade. The post has 215k likes and 2000 comments.

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If you’re wondering if this bread shines, then let us tell you something, it does! A Japanese artist decided to bring her love of bread and home furnishings together by creating this unique bread lamp. If you think the bread used to make this lamp is artificial, you are wrong! It’s real bread! Yukiko Morita is a Japanese artist who is behind this unique invention. She created her brand “Pampshade” where she made lamps with a variety of breads, ranging from croissants, rolls and even baguettes! She aims to recover all waste through her art. To create her unique bread lamps, she sources unsold bread from bakeries and grocery stores, which would have been thrown away at the end of the day.

If you’re wondering how these bread lamps work, let us explain how they work! Each slice of bread is hollowed out and fitted with LED lights. They also undergo a special antiseptic and antifungal treatment to prevent the bread from molding.

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