How Hawkeye Killed The MCU’s Superhero Ending Curse

Warning: Contains spoilers for Hawk Eye and Spider-Man: No Path Home

Disney + Hawk Eye ends up completely dismissing the idea that superheroes are doomed to death. It’s very common for superhero stories to end with the hero’s death, literally or metaphorically, and the Marvel Cinematic Universe is no stranger to it. Hawk Eye‘s ending, however, proves that it was never a rule that was set in stone.

Avengers: Endgame ended with the defeat of Thanos and his army by Tony Stark using the Infinity Stones to erase them from existence, but the backlash from using the Stones caused him to die. Speaking of which on the We Love You 3000 tour, the Russo Brothers said Tony is doomed to death because it’s a hero’s job to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Black Widow made a similar sacrifice earlier in the film – a common thread running through Hawk Eye-and with a plethora of other examples both in and out of the MCU, the statement comes across as a logical conclusion to come to.


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Hawkeye’s finale goes against all of that, however. The MCU had teased the idea of ​​Clint’s death for years, and its solo series took the idea even further. It wouldn’t have been too difficult for Clint to die and pass the torch to new Hawkeye, Kate Bishop, but nothing like that ever happens. Clint gets a well-deserved happy ending just in time for the holidays, and said the happy ending works in direct contrast to the idea that superheroes don’t.

Why MCU heroes are destined for unfortunate ends

As previously stated, there is a definite tendency for heroes to die, literally or metaphorically, in the MCU. Tony and Natasha’s death in Avengers: Endgame stand out as obvious examples, but there’s also Vision and the original Gamora dying in Avengers: Infinity War and the death of Pietro in Avengers: Age of Ultron. In a metaphorical sense, Captain America and Spider-Man also died because of the way Steve, stepping back in time to be with Peggy, made her grow old into an old man and Peter made the world forget that he exists in Spider-Man: No Path Home has completely severed his ties with those close to him. This idea even comes up on occasion outside of the MCU, as with Wolverine dying at the end of Logan and Batman faking his death to retire at the end of The dark knight rises.

There is some logic to the idea that superheroes are destined to die. From a meta point of view, stories all have to end at some point, and when that point does, killing the protagonist or retiring from superhero life is often a fitting conclusion to their stories. Beyond that, superheroes, especially MCU superheroes, are meant to be the most righteous people in their stories, and if not, then at least they are the ones who have the most obligation to do so. ‘exhibit for the good of the world. Often, good deeds come at the cost of personal sacrifice, even one’s own life or livelihood, but superheroes often agree because they know they are the only ones who can. save the day. The MCU is no stranger to this idea, so the idea that it exists out there makes sense.

How Hawkeye arranged for Clint’s death

Hawkeye frosting itself

If anyone is watching Hawk Eye, or whatever it was Clint had been in before his solo series began, came to the conclusion that Clint was going to die as well, so that wouldn’t have been completely unfounded. All the way back Avengers: Age of Ultron, the MCU had teased two ideas for Clint: Clint retiring and spending his time with his family, and Clint dying in the line of duty to show he’s not the most useless Avenger. All of his appearances after Phase 2 toyed with at least one of these ideas, and the Disney + series went the deepest in adding a sense of realism to Clint’s injuries by causing him to go partially deaf and need time to heal. recover from his injuries. It created the feeling that Clint just couldn’t remain a hero forever, and if he didn’t leave life, life would kill him.

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In a way, the portrayal of Clint on the show mirrored the direction the character of Iron Man had taken. Along with the two characters, over time they began to suffer from increasingly realistic issues due to their heroism – Tony with his PTSD, Clint with his various injuries, which motivated them to seek a life of retirement with him. their relatives. Tony, of course, died at the end of his story for the greater good, so it would make sense for the parallelism to continue and for Clint to die for some noble deed; Clint having a successor to Kate Bishop added more to the idea, as it would mean he could die while still retaining his legacy. When he stays in New York rather than returning home to his family in Hawk EyeIn the early episodes, many believed the Archer was prepared to face his tragic end.

Black Widow’s Endgame death saved Hawkeye

Avengers Endgame Black Widow Hawkeye

In the end, Clint doesn’t die and managed to get his happy ending, and Natasha’s sacrifice in Avengers: Endgame played a big role in that. Clint was willing to do whatever it took to bring his family back, even if it meant sacrificing herself in the process, but Natasha took the choice away from him and made herself the one who had to make the sacrifice. His sacrifice ended up saving Clint in two different ways: from a meta point of view, it wouldn’t make sense for Clint to have gone through everything he’s been through with Natasha just to die on her next appearance; in the universe, his sacrifice meant that Clint would always have a reason to go on living no matter how hard things were for him, and it worked.

Natasha’s sacrifice reminded Clint why he couldn’t die throughout the series, and he was even able to use the nobility of his actions to convince Florence Pugh’s Yelena not to kill him. Ultimately, this all serves to combat the idea that superheroes are doomed to death. While this is a clear trend both inside and outside the MCU, Hawk Eye has shown that this is far from absolute certainty since Clint was able to be the hero and come out alive. Clint was able to get his happy ending and stick to it, and hopefully other heroes in the MCU will be able to do the same in the future.

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The 6 episodes of Hawk Eye are now streaming on Disney +.

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