Hello Hachikō: discover the Japanese fusion restaurant in Belconnen

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There’s no denying that the burgers, linguine and ice cream served up at a lakeside restaurant already looks like heaven on earth.

But it’s the combination of a diverse menu filled with delicious Japanese flavors and a relaxed atmosphere that makes Hachikō the ultimate gastronomic destination.

Opening its doors in 2021, Hachikō is Belconnen’s own Japanese fusion restaurant, bringing together the best of Japanese and Western cuisine. With views of Lake Ginninderra, airy yet stylish interiors and alfresco dining options, it offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere that encourages conversation and a good time.

Founded by Vanessa Ji and chef Vincent Yu, who honed his cooking skills at Japanese bar and restaurant Raku, the idea of Hachikō was to create a place that (like its menu) fuses the best of five-star dining and casual dining.

“We use Japanese ingredients to cook Western dishes,” says Vanessa. “For example, we have burgers and we have pasta but we use Japanese techniques to cook it. But there is a mix of flavors for the older generation to enjoy too.

Open noon and evening, Hachiko’s The menu features entrees like duck breast tacos with a slice of jalapeno, pickled onions and hoisin chili sauce, Wagyu gyoza with homemade Japanese chimichurri and kale, and Pacific oysters with marinated water chestnuts served with lime.

And while the main menu at Hachikō offers the delicious combination of a fried chicken burger with kimchi mayo and a grilled king prawn Ochazuke served with Napoli sauce, rice, edamame, tobiko, shiso furikake and miso cream, this does not mean that the more traditional dishes should be ignored.

A delicious Dengaku eggplant served with a side of rice is a highlight, as are the many don options (including an Unagi omelette don served with grilled Japanese eel) and a tempura platter with prawns, oysters and seasonal vegetable tempura.

And for dessert lovers, there are plenty of options, including a range of ice creams (think black sesame, roasted green tea and matcha) as well as a sweet and lemony Yuzu lime pie.

Add a wine list that has been specially curated to work with the menu’s contrasting flavors plus the option of Japanese craft soft drinks when your craving bubbles up without the buzz, and you’ll soon be a loyal customer.

Naming the restaurant after the Japanese Akita dog who is remembered for his remarkable loyalty to his owner (and the movie that brought us all to tears), that’s exactly what Vanessa wants to create with every customer: a bond and a sense of loyalty.

“It’s a great story and we want to be loyal to our customers,” she says. “We want everyone who comes here to be our friends.”

Recently updated their menu to add even more options for their customers, Hachikō now has a lunch special.

For only $26, Vanessa and Vincent offer the choice of an appetizer, a main dish and a drink of your choice. And for those who don’t know where to start their culinary experience, Hachikō is also launching a $55 per person set menu and $80 per person deluxe menu to give customers a chance to taste it all.

“Most people like a little bit of everything, so we thought we’d create something that would offer the best bits on our menu,” Vanessa says.

“For $55 each, two people can try all kinds of dishes. Sometimes one meal is not enough and it provides more choices.

And to show how much they love their customers, during the month of June Hachikō will offer a special promotion: for every $100 spent, they will give you an alcoholic drink.

With the choice of cloudy strawberry sake, peach sake, premium yamahai and redbank pinot noir, it’s the perfect excuse to try their varied menu.

Open for lunch and dinner six days a week, be sure to book ahead to say hello to Hachikō.


What: Hachikō
Where: 8/114 Emu Bank, Belconnen
When: 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tuesday to Sunday. Closed on Mondays.
Web: facebook.com/HachikoBelconnen

Photography: Max Luong

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