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By Christine Salins.

GSM of the first village of Bethany

If in doubt, opt for a mobile phone. A blend so nice it represents one of the best value for money among Australian reds.

Made from Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvèdre (also known as Mataro), this classic blend is inspired by the medium-bodied reds of France’s Côtes du Rhône region.

Each variety brings a different element to the blend, with the Grenache delivering lovely sweet fruit, the Shiraz some pepper and spice, and the Mourvèdre deep and earthy.

These strains do well in the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale, and both regions have superb old plantings that offer a wonderful depth of flavor. Unsurprisingly, some of Australia’s best GSM mixes come from these regions.

Although you will occasionally see Shiraz-dominant blends, the most common blend seen here is Grenache-dominant. The latter tend to be a little lighter and more aromatic than those containing more Shiraz, and they are generally more vibrant and approachable.

GSM by Richard Hamilton Colton

Charles Melton 2018 La Belle Mère GSM, $33: This Barossa winery is renowned for its classic GSM blend, Nine Popes, but if your budget doesn’t stretch to Nine Popes’ nearly $100 price tag, La Belle Mere is guaranteed to put a smile on your face. It’s quite bold with an alcohol content of 14.5%, rich plum, cherry and blackberry notes and hints of licorice and vanilla.

Year Wines 2021 ‘Sausage in Bread’ GSM, $25: As the name suggests, this is the one to trot around during a barbecue or a sizzle of sausages. From a dynamic producer in McLaren Vale, it’s fun, light and bright with an alcohol content of 12.4% and heaps of flavor. A little Cinsault is added to the blend. Picking up notes of sour cherry, we enjoyed the Japanese cuisine.

2020 Richard Hamilton Colton’s McLaren Vale GSM, $26: Medium to full-bodied, it has so much texture and richness that it can easily stand up to duck confit, game, and dishes with stronger flavors. Silky and sweet with notes of eucalyptus, cinnamon and cloves, a bit like a Christmas cake.

d’Arenberg 2018 Bonsai Vine GSM, $32: McLaren Vale winery in Arenberg has a gorgeous high-end GSM, The Ironstone Pressings, and a $15 entry-level GMS blend, The Stump Jump, but it’s worth seeking out its mid-range The Bonsai Vine. Sweet and elegant with seductive notes of raspberry and blackberry, it is truly divine.

Cell phone of the first village of Bethany 2021, $29: With an incredible Barossa heritage, Bethany makes exquisitely beautiful reds and this one from a particularly good vintage in the region is no exception. With intense aromas of blueberries and spices, it has soft tannins and a fresh vivacity that make it an excellent choice with charcuterie and roasts.

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