Giant vs. Hulk Hogan in WCW is strangest feud

The popular belief surrounding the now defunct society, WCW, is repeated over and over again like a parrot and it is this; the company was doing extraordinarily well and pissed off its rival at Stanford until Russo came and burned the whole company down. This tradition, however, is far from the truth.

By the mid-1990s, the professional wrestling landscape was stagnant and devoid of any semblance of edge or intrigue. The plots were straightforward, the matches were straightforward, and the characters were cartoonish and beyond grimacing.

Eric Bischoff invented the idea of ​​the New World Order after his visit to Japan and overnight the company won a triumph over WWE thanks to the NWO storyline which was seen as a breath of fresh air in an industry. otherwise forest.


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Angle was well received as he was edgy, unpredictable, and grounded in reality, but prior to this smash hit, WCW was known as the company that welcomed a fucking Yeti into the ring. Yes, a yeti that looked more than a mummy and two monster trucks clashing on the roof. Welcome to the mid-90s!

The feud involved dungeons, trucks and yetis

The story goes something like this. After arguing with Hulk Hogan and failing to eradicate Hulkamania, Kevin Sullivan continued his “Three Faces of Fear” concept with a new team called The Dungeon of Doom.

The wrestlers involved have been described as walking nightmares and banded together to rid the world of Hulk Hogan. Most of the people involved in this stable were largely forgettable as they were more comically bizarre than actually terrifying. But in Slamboree 1995, a new addition was made to the faction and the new recruit was introduced as the giant and introduced as the kayfabe son of Andre the Giant.

The giant, who would later be known as The Big Show, had a score to settle with Hogan and was ruthless and vicious to the Hulkster. Hogan, in an effort to deal with the new threat, embraced his dark side. He didn’t really turn on his heel, but started dressing in black like Giant had given him a number.

The Cursed Dungeon had shaved his mustache and broken his neck, but worst of all; the Giant had taken Hogan’s motorcycle apart with a monster truck. There was also this ridiculous passage about the giant invoking a yeti as an insurance policy.

The feud was supposed to lead to a WCW World Championship match at Halloween Havoc 1995, but the bookers weren’t satisfied with a simple one-on-one contest. The giant had run over Hogan’s motorbike with a monster truck, so it made sense that the two, before the championship match, would face off in a Sumo Monster Truck match on the roof of Cobo Hall.

The rules were simple. Hogan and the Giant would face off using Monster Trucks welded together and whoever pushed their opponent’s truck past the circle would win the “match”.

Also, for some foolish reason, the monster trucks ran on alcohol, and as a result, both contestants were in danger of an explosion at any time. To reiterate once again, the trucks were fueled with alcohol and the team of commentators reinforced the idea that an explosion could kill both.

The bizarre match began as soon as the rules passed on to both fighters and the trucks began to push against each other, with random clippings displaying Hogan and Giant in the driver’s seats, battling to win the match. The commentary team continued to hint at explosions and the possibility of trucks falling off the roof.

Luckily, Hogan ends up pushing the giant out of the circle and the juggernaut exits the truck and goes right after Hogan. The two then brawl on the roof, and the melee ends when Hogan pushes the giant off the roof of Cabo Hall. Hogan apparently had just killed the giant.

The two had a match that night with bizarre interference

Fast forward to the end of the pitiful PPV, Hogan was in the ring half an hour after killing one person and he was looking to apologize but in an “unbelievable” turn, the giant emerged from behind without any explanation on the way he survived.

The Championship match was underway and the two were working out an absolutely appalling main event until Hogan manager Jimmy Hart turned on him and of course the referee was knocked out.

The giant locked himself in a bear’s embrace and all hell broke loose. Sullivan rushed into the ring to beat Hogan and Randy Savage and Lex Luger quickly followed to help the Hulkster. In the middle of the scuffle, someone else stepped off the ramp and the announcers started shouting that the Yeti had finally arrived. The man had escaped from a block of ice in a previous episode of Nitro and now he was heavily descending the ramp, seeking to have a share of the action

The Yeti approached Hogan and Giant and gave Hogan another hug, resulting in one of the most bizarre visuals in the company’s history. Sandwiched between the two monsters, Hogan passed out and the heel stable ended the event by defeating Hogan and Savage.

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Oh, and Luger had turned on his heel halfway through the final brawl because he had swerved. The heel team then celebrated a No-DQ victory to close the event.

This recaps the miserable state of WCW in the 1990s before the NWO took over the wrestling world. Star-struck advertisers said no other event would be quite like this and given what happened at Halloween Havoc 1995, wrestling fans are certainly not hoping.

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