Frank Clark May Have Needed The Uzi Pistol, Says Former NFL Player


A former NFL player has said fans should look past the initial facts of the arrest of Chiefs defensive end Frank Clark on Sunday night.

Clark was arrested on suspicion of a gun charge for the second time in three months after an Uzi gun was reportedly spotted in his Lamborghini SUV by police.

Two of those details (the Lamborghini and the Uzi) have been widely shared by sports fans. But former Colts punter Pat McAfee said people should be wondering why Clark had the gun.

“Maybe it’s something he likes, or maybe he rightfully had it because he thought someone might be threatening his life,” McAfee said on his show Tuesday. . “Or maybe he needed protection.”

News of Clark’s arrest was first reported on Monday, the same day Vikings rookie Jaylen Twyman was shot four times as she was driving to visit her aunt, as reported ABC News. Twyman is expected to make a full recovery and no reason has been given for the shooting.

McAfee saw a connection between Twyman’s shooting and Clark’s arrest.

“People are asking, ‘Why does he have an Uzi in his Lambo SUV? “And then a few hours later, a man who’s in the same league, in the NFL, (is shot),” McAfee said. “I think it’s just a cool little reminder to be like, ‘OK, not everyone does that… walk their dog every day and do their thing. “… let’s get to a point where Frank Clark never feels like he should have (a) … Uzi, but also where a guy can go and visit his family and not be done. shoot it four times, I think that’s ultimately what came to light through those two stories.

TMZ reported that Clark said the weapon belonged to a member of his security team.

McAfee did not mention this report in his discussion of Clark, but reiterated that people should research the reason why Clark has a gun in his vehicle.

“Maybe let’s pull out a shovel and dig a little deeper, instead of selling the gold that people might find. Let’s look at the ax, ”McAfee said. “What brings us to this point? Let’s go ahead and look a little deeper.

You can listen to the conversation here, but be aware that there are quite a few swear words.

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