For the Love of Vicious movie review

While For the Sake of Vicious has an uninviting first act, its second act takes a drastic turn for the better with an effective bloodbath.

These days, grindhouse revenge movies are making a big comeback, but with an emphasis on more than gratuitous brutality. Modern renderings of movies like Last house on the left explore the reasons why these acts are committed instead of just showing violence. For the love of the vicious is no exception to this modern rule. As the movie Shudder Exclusive tries to add social commentary to its chaos, its storyline falls flat. However, For the love of the vicious is still an original home invasion / revenge horror film that features action-horror sets that will give big-budget Hollywood movies a run for their money.

For the love of the vicious starts off as a typical revenge movie but slowly evolves into a frenzied bloodbath similar to You are next. Written and directed by Reese Eveneshen and Gabriel Carrer, tThe film follows Chris (Nick Smyth), who holds another man hostage in the house of a young nurse named Romina (Lora Burke). Chris explains to Romina that the man attacked her daughter. Chris thinks he’s doing what is necessary. Things take a shocking turn when several masked men invade the house, a surprise to all three people involved in the grim situation.

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A man holding another man hostage in a revenge ploy is an exaggerated horror setup, making it difficult to engage with For the love of the vicious‘The first act. The film opens frantically, plunging the audience into a convoluted story. The story seems to be derived from other revenge films. However, halfway through the film becomes an arthouse bloodbath that features some of the best long-running fight scenes since Atomic blonde.

The second half of For the love of the vicious turns it into something the audience has never seen before. The hunter and the hunted have to work together to survive something beyond them, and it is very effective. The problem is, audiences have to sit for forty minutes of poor movie making to get to the part of the movie that matters. The second half of the film features nonstop bloody action and feels like a cross between the work of Nicolas Winding Refn and Wes Craven. Even though the second half of the film is visually stunning and enthralling, the storyline leaves many questions unanswered. It’s hard to get any idea of ​​who these characters are and what exactly their situation is. At the end of the movie, it’s still not clear.

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To the credit of the filmmakers, For the love of the vicious presents some iconic horror sets in its second half. However, his first act looks like a misguided reimagining of Denis Villeneuve. Prisoners. Despite its uninviting first act, horror dogs will be in for a treat when they see the limitless action-horror installment that arrives later in the film. The synth-rich score by co-director Gabriel Carrer and Foxgrndr is a highlight of the film and shapes the bewildering feeling of the second half of the film. Globally, For the love of the vicious looks like two separate movies, but experiencing the second half is ultimately worth going through the first.

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