Dublin man has more ‘clarity and confidence’ 100 days after quitting alcohol

North Strand’s Conor Bacon decided in October last year that he would take a break from booze. Now 100 days sober, he’s glad he did.

Conor is the proud owner of Too Savage, a brand of sauces that are 100% vegan and downright delicious according to customers.

Speaking to Dublin Live, Conor explained that it was not a sudden decision. In fact, it was one that had been in the works for a few years.

Considering the drinking culture in Ireland, Conor revealed that like many people in Dublin, he started drinking at a young age.

The business owner carried two buckets of Too Savage products through downtown as he spoke to us about his sobriety experience, explaining the reasons behind his decision to quit drinking.

“I didn’t drink more than the next person, but I was very observant and aware of the negative consequences of alcohol,” he said.

“I guess in Ireland we drink a lot and most of the time we start drinking from a very young age.

“Our culture normalizes that and you don’t really break out of that mentality. You become an adult and you continue to drink with your family and friends.

“The parties I went to were amazing, but I had a hangover and all the negative consequences of alcohol.”

Describing how he finally made the decision, Conor revealed: “Starting a business, I was either going to take it seriously or I wasn’t. To take my career seriously, I had to give up. Obviously, it was difficult because I had been drinking for 15 years.

“It didn’t happen overnight. The decision probably took a few years. It was in October that I gave it up.”

Since quitting, Conor said he hasn’t missed a hangover and revealed he has more “clarity and confidence”.

He said: “Over time you become more proud of yourself for not needing it when you go out.

“I’m focused on my work and don’t feel like I’m missing anything. For the first few weeks I had FOMO. Now I feel more aware and in the present. I don’t m don’t get bored. There’s a lot more to life.”

After selling its first jar of Too Savage spicy mayonnaise in November 2020, the Conor’s brand is now present in more than 100 shops, cafes and restaurants in Ireland and even one in London.

Conor sold his first jar of Too Savage Spicy Mayonnaise in November 2020

He explained: “When you start a business and you’re serious about it, you have to be resilient. There are so many setbacks and things that can go wrong. You have to be willing to handle things on your own. same.

“It takes a long time for things to grow. You have to work hard and be patient.”

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