Dreams are limitless – The truth, for itself.

A popular fashion designer in the river town of Rundu, Flora Naledi Victor was handcrafting clothes for her dolls when she was six years old. After receiving a sewing machine and lessons from her mother at age 11, she started altering her clothes and now makes a living designing and sewing clothes for customers.

The 22-year-old now runs “Flora’s Designs”, and customers flock to her shop in search of great designs that suit them perfectly.

Flora tells VIBEZ! she grew up with a love for modeling and designing women’s clothing.

“As a child, I wanted to compete in modeling competitions, but a lot of things kept me from doing so, namely the demands of being thin and a family that believed modeling was a waste of time, so I left. fall out and decided to focus on designing clothes,” she noted.

Between 2011 and 2015, while still in high school, Flora designed and sewed pieces just for her as part of the learning goals.

“When I was in 12th grade, I was asked to make bow ties for my classmates for an end-of-year party and they were impressed with my work. This boosted my confidence and I started sewing for clients and earning money from my hobby.

Between 2018 and 2019, Flora took a year off but in 2020 she enrolled in a nursing course at a local nursing institution, from which she will graduate in April.

“During my gap year, I started working on my dream of designing and sewing for others.”

She said the art of designing clothes goes beyond just creating something for someone to wear, saying, “Clothes are an expression of creativity and uniqueness, so being a designer of fashion is about being visionary, recognizing how people want to feel and making your mark in the moment”.

Flora considers herself an artist who likes to imagine and create clothes. To other young girls who want to join the fashion industry, she said, “Dreams are limitless. As young girls, we shouldn’t limit ourselves; the opportunities are endless if you’re really determined to get where you’re going”. Like many other designers and seamstresses, Flora did not go to school to learn to sew because her parents could not afford it, and learned by using what was available, namely a telephone and a sewing machine.

“The internet has made life easier for everyone, especially when it comes to crafts, and using YouTube, as many fashion designers upload tutorials on how to sew, which I watched daily , and I honed my skills,” she noted.

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2022-02-07 John Muyamba


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