Discover the 10 most requested foods in the app in 2021

As part of the 2021 retrospective, the distribution platform I feed Revealed the foods most requested by Brazilians throughout the year. According to the company, the hamburger continues to reign supreme in national preference: this method has recorded more than 100 million requests for sandwiches, with an average of four requests per second.

“X-todo” was the favorite, but other varieties of fast food were also strongly identified, such as X-Bacon and X-Salda.

Ranking of most orders

  1. Hamburger
  2. dishes with meat
  3. Sandwich
  4. Chicken Dishes
  5. desserts
  6. sushi a sashimi
  7. lunch boxes
  8. Come
  9. Pasta and pizzas
  10. fish dishes

more highlights

Also according to iFood, the number of healthy meals has increased: in March 2021, the number of orders for salads and acai, for example, doubled compared to the same period in 2020. A similar increase was recorded by requests of Japanese food, while Italian food deliveries increased by 61%. The sushi and sashimi category alone has recorded over 37 million orders.

Among the desserts, the items most in demand are cakes and pies; ice cream; milkshakes; Acai and Moose. The platform also entered a new habit from this year: baked goods, including bread, for breakfast.

Data was collected from January to November of this year based on orders placed across Brazil. According to the publication, an average of 60 million orders are placed per month.

For the full iFood 2021 retrospective, just click hereIt’s worth mentioning that one of the service’s main competitors, Uber Eats, has also launched it. Retrospective of the most ordered articles.

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