Development progresses steadily at Otamanzi


Otamanzi Constituency Councilor Johannes Iiyambo said his constituency has improved the educational environment by installing essential services such as electricity, water, accommodation and additional facilities in different schools.

About 17 schools in the district had been without power since independence, but at the moment all of these schools are fully electrified. This facilitates the teaching / learning process, enables schools to use modern technological tools in classrooms and has helped to formally introduce evening classes when necessary.

The advisor said there are many ingredients in education that allow the learning process to take place effectively, including human resources and infrastructure.

“Drinking water pipes have been installed in 20 schools. This is the most important project that the ministry has carried out because water plays a major role in hygiene, especially in this difficult period of Covid-19. This will undoubtedly help schools curb the spread of the disease. I wonder how they survived without drinking water, ”Iiyaambo added.

He said that since most of the schools are located in rural areas, teachers find it difficult to get from their homes to school.

This problem was solved by the construction of staff quarters in six different schools. Teachers will therefore no longer travel long distances to and from schools, and therefore can help learners even after hours as they reside in the school environment.

“Additional educational facilities have been established in Otamanzi constituency, such as the constituency office, constituency staff quarters and the Amerika Primary School foyer,” he said.

He pointed out that through the Ministry of Mines and Energy, Otamanzi constituency has succeeded in expanding Nored’s electricity supply to 21 towns and solar electricity to two towns.

Therefore, extending electricity to residents will improve the standard of living of its residents.

Iiyambo said that Omusati Regional Council funded 16 micro-finance projects, namely Omulunga Welding and Fabrication, Nduuviteko Bakery, Kaluhoni Tailoring, Kimberly Welding, Yaakapa Trading cc, Etameko Takeaway, Kamasipa Construction and Renovation, Onkanambadhala Trading cc, Iinenge Chicken Farming Project, Mpingana Bakery, Simmy Trading cc, Tocky Trading Enterprises cc, Maradona Trading cc, SAN Trading Water Purification and the Panduleni Poultry Project.

“The Ministry of Gender Equality funded 11 of them, namely Beata Sewing, Kalya Tailoring cc, Betty Hair Salon, Katoole and Three Sisters, Sifafen Saving, Uuhupilo Restaurant, Gwashuunda Tailoring and Hanna Pau Restaurant, Onkambadaka Pot Manufacturing and Vicky Restaurant “, he added. .

Four SMEs have succeeded in the constituency of Otamanzi, namely A Petrus Bricks, Iihama Yongwe Trading Cc, Ombogodhiya Bricks and Lea Kweenda.

Iiyamo said that through different programs, the Omusati Regional Council has succeeded in helping the constituency to extend the water pipeline to rural communities such as Okani, Omileko, Elamba and Onkaankaa. Water supply infrastructure has also been extended to eight other rural communities.

“Rural sanitation in Otamanzi constituency largely includes water and solid waste disposal, personal and food hygiene and household hygiene as well as environmental hygiene, which have been improved and applied in 13 communities and six schools in the district, ”noted the councilor.

This will ensure that everyone in the community has enough safe drinking water to promote health and hygiene.

Iiyambo said that 49 households have so far benefited from the rural toilet programs of the Omusati Regional Council or the Rural Services Division, and 60 households have benefited from rural toilets through the Directorate of Water Supply. rural water supply, Omusati.

The district has four clinics, nine outreach programs and 15 health extension services

The Ministry of Interior, Immigration, and Safety and Security has also extended its services and facilities to the constituency in areas such as Okani and Etilyasa.

“The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology provided an MTC network tower to six localities, while the Ministry of Works and Transport upgraded the roads in the district, namely the Epato-Ounashe gravel road. , Okahao-Uukwandongo-Etilyasha and Onaushe-Onkani, “he explained.

“When people are healthy, they contribute to society,” he said.

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2021-09-30 Festus Hamalwa

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