Chicago’s ‘Culinary Explorer’ Finds Ingredients Near and Far | Receipts

Eugene Feygin knows how to make food taste good and look good. The photographer and self-proclaimed “foodie” consulted the Illinois Pork Producers Association in his food exploration. This bacon quiche and pork cutlet are just a few of the many recipes that include pork. He and his fiancée Irina Goldberg cook together.

Photo courtesy of Eugène Feygin

When a professional fashion photographer traveled to Peru, he took a life-changing cooking class.

Eugene Feygin and the other students went to the farmers market to buy fresh produce and meat before heading to the kitchen to cook unique meals from scratch.

This experience sparked Feygin’s interest in how food is grown and made. He brought that appreciation back to Chicago and combined it with his love of photographing beautiful things.

Today Feygin is a passionate home chef and the man behind @feyginfoto on Instagram where he shares his discoveries through photos, stories and sometimes recipes.

“I can make something beautiful and tasteful,” he said.

Sometimes the food explorer is surprised by his research. He had assumed that sushi was an ancient Japanese food tradition, until he discovered that many of today’s popular recipes are only 20 to 30 years old, he said.

Feygin often offers fresh produce from Illinois. He is interested in growing produce and raising meat.

“I’m a good friend of a garlic grower,” he said of the fruits of his field research.

The Illinois Pork Producers Association saw his creations and wanted to work with the food influencer. He was excited to visit an Illinois pig farm, but the pandemic has crushed some of his plans for the time being. However, he has already learned some things.

He said he was surprised to know that to visit the pig farm he would have to undress, shower and put on farm-approved coveralls before visiting and photographing the pigs.

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