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Each person draws his Maslow pyramid for the next years of his life. That is, he outlines the scale of his own needs – from the basic ones that will allow him to survive, through those that are needed for self-realization and the possibility of constant development, to those that are his goals and give him pleasure. This way you can determine how much you need to spend on each activity.

Ie. what to do and what to do when it comes to achieving a given goal, how much time to spend on a given phenomenon, and how much money you can or need to invest in it. The ability to thoroughly analyze your own funds is very valuable, especially if you are unsure of your abilities and the ability to manage your budget appropriately.

We have our own goals that are closer and further.

We have our own goals that are closer and further.

Depending on our position, the development of earnings can increase as well as decrease. The concept of marginal utility is of great importance here, which is simply the shift in the point of our needs. A person who earns around two thousand zlotys often resembles a figure fighting for “survival” – ie to be able to exist this next month.

However, a person who earns five thousand zlotys has higher requirements and can certainly afford larger attractions, more frequent events, concerts, and in the long run a car or a house. After all, this is still a distant prospect despite earnings higher than those of around 80% of Poles. Housing prices in Poland are expensive, so some count on the help of parents, others go abroad for bread and try to find a place where they earn a good living, and at the same time they will not have to spend a lot on basic needs.

Such a country is, for example, Germany, where, apart from meat, differences in prices compared to Polish are not significant, and some products even seem cheaper – mainly from the cosmetics industry. Countries that do not belong to the European Union such as Norway, Iceland or Switzerland often appear to be the real Eldorado. Anyway, in these first two Poles are the largest minority.

In Norway, it is even 108,000, while the second Lithuania in this ranking is only 42,000 emigrants. Poles are mainly known for undertaking physical work abroad, where they have the opinions of specialists from everything who are also cheaper than local ones.

However, it should be remembered that in these countries the cost of living is very high, and e.g. in Norway some restrictions such as those related to alcohol are another barrier that does not make life easier. Many people use their creditworthiness for a change. This is usually the tool used when buying a home.

Most often it is a mortgage.

Most often it is a mortgage.

This loan is long-term and is granted by the bank to a private person or a company. Forms of collateral for such a loan are e.g. surety, promissory note or loan insurance. There are many costs associated with a mortgage. These include notary costs, bank commissions, mortgage establishment, life insurance or accident insurance.

As already mentioned, a mortgage is a long-term loan because it is often taken for up to 25 years. The loan is granted not only to entities that want to buy an apartment, but also to those who would like to renovate their property, complete renovation or construction of a house already started, or to buy or renovate a communal apartment. It is important for the borrower to choose a cheap mortgage.

It is difficult to give specific amounts of loans, but you can suggest many rankings available on the Internet, as well as offers of specialists, which are also not difficult on financial services. The most popular credit comparisons are the offers of such banks. Potential borrowers, apart from the costs themselves, are often interested in installments that have to be repaid.

It is also an important issue to carefully plan your own budget. It should be remembered, however, that not everyone is entitled to a cheap loan offer – they are visible to around 1% of borrowers. The choice of loan should be carefully analyzed and the decision should be based on common sense, as finances may be susceptible to unexpected external factors.
The recent crisis associated with the franc exchange rate, which seemed – also in the eyes of experts – a certain currency, showed that you need to be prepared for all circumstances. 

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