Chase Kojima, one of Sydney’s top Japanese chefs, opens Omakase-style ramen restaurant

Chase Kojima – renowned executive chef of Sokyo – is expanding his empire. Earlier this year, he launched Simulation Senpai, a luxury sushi and sashimi restaurant. And now he’s about to follow up with Senpai Ramen: a 25-seat omakase-style dinner (chef’s choice tasting) that leans heavily on his philosophy of using the best possible ingredients, whatever the dish. This is the second of what he plans to be a list of restaurants, each exploring and celebrating a different style of Japanese cuisine.

Senpai Ramen will open in Chatswood early next year. And despite the name, it will be much more than ramen. It will start with “nice snacks”, says Kojima Large format sheet, saying to expect sushi among other bites. “I love the snacks. And then once they’re all warmed up and happy with the drinks, then boom, ramen.

“I’ll try to make the absolute best ramen in town.”

The focus will be on tonkotsu-style ramen, which is high in collagen, but with non-traditional toppings. Think abalone simmered for 12 hours and the “most delicious” Wagyu cooked over charcoal and sitting on it. Kojima says he wants his ramen to be “a little different, a little high end – gourmet ramen.”

It will be served in custom ramen bowls that will cost it around $ 100 each.

“You can’t make the best ramen if you don’t have the best bowl,” says Kojima. But that’s not all. “I think our secret weapon is this state of the art kettle that I bought. I custom designed my kitchen so we could install this $ 100,000 kettle.

The kettle will help eliminate the tedious work of stirring a ramen broth filled with pork bones for six to eight hours a day. The kettle blends on its own at the perfect speed, has sensors to help it cook faster, and tilts on its own – usually a backbreaking job that requires up to three people.

Kojima’s ‘secret ingredient’ will be chef Teppei Yura (pictured above in the state-of-the-art kettle). There will also be cocktails by Michael Chiem from PS40.

The chef also wants to help move the late-night dining scene in Chatswood forward – while the restaurant will close around 9:30 p.m., he’ll end up making take-out until late.

“For the people who live in Chatswood, who want a late dinner – people who work late, there is nowhere to go in Chatswood. I want to invite these people to come, ”says Kojima. “Ultimately, the goal is to open 24/7.”

Senpai Ramen is slated to open in Chatswood in February 2022.


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