Beloved spirits brand Moutai Bulao takes center stage with innovative tasting experiences for consumers

Mr. Joe Sun, Executive Chairman and CEO of Ascent Bridge at the grand launch of the “Tasting Age”

MELBOURNE, VIC, AUSTRALIA, Aug. 4, 2022 / — Powerful, distinctive and crystal clear, baijiu is often cited as the world’s most consumed alcohol. Although much of this consumption has been generated domestically, baijiu has grown in popularity around the world, and the most drinking cities – from London and New York to Singapore – are embracing quickly the potential of the fragrant aroma and complex flavor of baijiu. .

Among the top baijiu brands is Moutai (茅台), which continues to be at the top of global consumer popularity, according to a 2021 report by valuation consultancy Brand Finance. As Moutai continues to gain momentum, liquor brand Moutai Bulao is making a name for itself overseas by introducing its new concept, the “Tasting Era”, which refers to innovative tasting experiences for consumers.

Similar to how sake is synonymous with Japanese cuisine, the “tasting era” aims to shape accessible and delicious baijiu experiences for new consumers by introducing Moutai Bulao with Chinese food pairings. The grand launch of the “Tasting Era” took place in Singapore on July 20, where approximately 350 guests were treated to a sumptuous dinner.

Chinese Baijiu begins in the era of tasting
Tasting era begins with Moutai Bulao
Moutai Bulao begins with Chang Chang (尝尝)

Moutai Bulao is exclusively distributed worldwide (excluding Mainland China) by MTBL Global Pte Ltd (MTBL), a wholly owned subsidiary of Ascent Bridge Limited (礼仕时集团) (formerly known as of AEI Corporation Limited), and has been its key strategic brand and product since 2018. Specially designed for overseas markets, Moutai Bulao 125ml (茅台不老礼系列) is available in a smaller volume intended to encourage trial among people new to alcohol. MTBL’s wholly-owned Australian subsidiary, MTBL Australia Pty Ltd, will enter the local market by the end of 2022.

The 4th generation of smart alcohol experience machines newly launched by MTBL (see Appendix B), which retails Moutai Bulao in a new volume – 5ml doses. Unlike traditional beverage supply and distribution channels, MTBL has leveraged technology to better manage supply to meet customer needs by leveraging digital network infrastructure, data collection and analysis. large-scale data and a network of intelligent alcohol experience machines.

Through its precision marketing technology and mobile app, consumers can sample Moutai Bulao at participating restaurants. Besides the 125ml bottle, Moutai Bulao also comes in a set of 4 bottles which is a great gift for family, friends and business partners. The full baijiu experience comes to life when consumers combine their liquor shots with select Chinese food pairings – a culture that dates back over a thousand years.

“Baijiu is experiencing a rapid increase in overseas demand and the potential for growth is huge. But beyond its novelty, baijiu is also rooted in centuries of culture and tradition – it’s the spirit that binds and encourages social interconnectedness, perfect for large gatherings around banquet tables around a multi-course meal. By launching the latest generation of our smart machines in restaurants around the world, we inspire consumers to learn about and immerse themselves in the world of baijiu in the most authentic way possible – through a shared celebration of food and beverages,” said Mr. Joe Sun, Director, President and CEO of Ascent Bridge, the group that owns MTBL.

Moutai Bulao is distilled from fermented sorghum and rice, and is the first product in its class to include longan, goji, hawthorn and angelica dahurica, giving it a much milder taste in the mouth. instead of a fiery mouthfeel.

It is also one of the most valuable spirits in the world because the alcohol is derived from a centuries-old traditional brewing technique which is one of the most complicated brewing processes in the liquor industry.

With its high alcohol content and long, prominent flavor, Moutai has often been a source of inspiration in the ever-changing culinary scene. Moutai Bulao goes well with strong flavors such as smoked, marinated or fatty meats including Buffalo wings and pork. Seafood and Moutai Bulao also go well together as the liquor brings out the natural sweetness of fresh seafood. Other natural pairings with Moutai Bulao include Korean grilled meats, caviar and Japanese sashimi.

Baijiu also has great potential in cocktails, and mixologists around the world are increasingly putting their own creative spin on the drink, such as infusing Moutai with herbs and botanicals to release fresh, delicate flavors. This is a great opportunity for Moutai Bulao to attract and introduce the brand to a younger, adventurous, flavor-seeking audience.

To make baijiu better known and appreciated, MTBL plans to establish 16 cultural centers around the world. Visitors can expect interactive cultural exhibits and liquor tasting areas where they can learn about the unique distillation and fermentation processes involved in making baijiu and Moutai Bulao through a VR experience immersive.

MTBL also has an exclusive global membership program where members can enjoy fine dining experiences, a trip to the city of Moutai, MTBL’s global membership business networks and various other benefits in the one of its cultural centers around the world. In 2019, the first overseas MTBL cultural center opened in Singapore.

For the first phase of the “Era of Tasting”, MTBL aims to roll out a total of 1,500 units of its 4th generation smart liquor machines. There will be 800 units in Singapore, 200 units in Hong Kong, 300 units in the United States and 200 units in Australia respectively. The brand will also offer a limited-time special treat to Australian consumers by giving away 8,000 shots of Moutai Bulao when the product launches in Australia with its smart liquor machines and mobile app. More details will be announced at a later date.

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