AutoIMS Calculates Electric Vehicle Activity Figures in the Wholesale Market



In the new car market, the electric vehicle segment grew 51.3% year-over-year with 106,562 third-quarter electric vehicle sales, according to Kelley Blue Book.

Since the start of the year, there have been 323,479 new sales of electric vehicles, KBB said, representing an increase of 88.2%.

But the influx of electric vehicles is not just happening in the new vehicle market.

As the wholesale auto industry getting ready for more electricity Making its way through auction channels in the years to come, AutoIMS analyzed the numbers on what the picture of electric vehicles currently looks like in the wholesale market.

Looking specifically at electric vehicles through AutoIMS in 2021, there have been 13,400 electric devices sold since the start of the year, the company said in its third-quarter AutoIMS Industry View, which is a recap of data metrics collected. via the AutoIMS sales scorecard.

The average selling price of these vehicles was $ 26,048. The model year was 2017.1, on average, and the typical electric vehicle had 31,376 miles.

The average rating for these EVs was 3.88, and it typically took 39.2 days to sell an EV.

For comparison, AutoIMS data shows that the average selling price of all vehicles in the third quarter was $ 15,524.75. The average rating of the vehicle was 2.87.

The average model year was 2014.6, with electric vehicles having an average mileage of 87,233.

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