Art On Toast: This Japanese Artist Creates Stunning Art On Slices Of Bread

Food presentation is an area that has undergone rapid transformation in the recent past. Thanks to ever-expanding social media, chefs and culinary experts strive to make every dish visually appealing and gram-worthy. Careful detail and wonderful presentation make each dish a true work of art. But can you imagine if someone created an entire work of art using food as a canvas? A Japanese artist is trending online because of her unique art created on toast! Believe it or not, the artist uses slices of bread as a canvas to create some truly stunning works of art. Looked:

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Known as @sasamana1204 on Instagram, Japanese artist Manami Sasaki has already amassed 50,000 followers for her incredible creations. From Frida Kahlo to scenic landscapes, cartoons to Japanese ladies – Sasaki paints everything on bread. The artist uses delicately cut fruits and vegetables to garnish her toasts and make them not only aesthetically pleasing, but also delicious.

Each piece takes the artist about three hours from start to finish. The elegant artworks she creates have won a lot of praise from netizens. Instagram users love the delicate and beautiful creations made using toast as a canvas.

In an interview with Vogue, Sasaki revealed that this art of toasting emerged during the lockdown period due to the coronavirus. Working from home left her lethargic and reduced her commuting hours, prompting her to try something new with the extra time. “I wanted to get up early in the morning and create a morning routine that would excite me. That’s when I started the art of toasting for breakfast,” she said in the interview. Moreover, she had been eating bread since the day she was born and it was the perfect medium for her art.

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