Art for Art’s sake at the Peabody Institute

PEABODY – South Branch Library at The Peabody Institute Library (PIL) is hosting an exhibition by local artist Jocelyn Velush, which will run until July 7..

All works displayed are available for purchase. The program is free and open to the public, and registration is not required.

Velush describes herself as an intuitive artist, photographer and creator of surface patterns for color lovers. On her website, she says her goal is to help people see through her art as much of the beauty in the world as she does.

“Everyone who comes in contact with my work feels a little more alive, whether it’s because of the vibrant, saturated colors, the expressive movement, or because you can feel the emotion and energy embedded in my art,” Velush said.

Velush works in a variety of mediums. She says her work is constantly evolving because she is always learning and trying to make her artistic practice and products as sustainable and eco-friendly and animal-friendly as possible.

“She uses a lot of different media – she paints, she does photography, she does collage. She uses a lot of bright colors. We have many of his works here; I believe we have about 30 pieces of her hanging on the walls,” the South Branch senior librarian said. to DIPs.

Velush said it’s important to her that her work is aligned with a greater good and that she makes a difference in the world around her. A percentage of its sales always goes to charities that support the environment, animal welfare, as well as advocacy for brain injury survivors, women’s and children’s rights, the LGBTQ+ community and others. underrepresented groups.

“I aim for my work to be expressive, lush and dynamic and through this voice I share my core values ​​of beauty, creativity, freedom, joy and peace,” Velush said.

The Peabody Institute Library said Velush created vibrant, expressive art to transform space, energy and, by extension, life. According to the library, the artist was inspired by nature, color and movement, and enjoyed creating abstracts, flowers and ocean landscapes. His featured work is said to be a mix of limited edition photo prints and original paintings.

“I look for small moments of beauty that make me feel alive. The dizzying feeling that comes from chasing a sunset or gazing at wispy clouds against a starry night sky; the glistening of raindrops on a delicate flower petal; the birds chirp as a warm breeze wraps around me; colors changing with the seasons; the wonder of childhood; the complexity of getting to know me,” Velush said.

Velush owns Jocelyn Elizabeth Studio. Her formal education is in management, human resources and French, but she enjoys learning and is still enrolled in some type of art class, according to the Peabody Institute Library. For more information, please visit or Instagram @jocccelynnn

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