Andy Reid explains how Chiefs offense changes without Tyreek Hill


Head coach Andy Reid congratulates Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes after wide receiver Tyreek Hill (10) scored a touchdown in the third quarter of the Kansas City Chiefs’ game against the Nova Scotia Patriots. England on Monday 5th October 2020. The Chiefs defeated the Patriots 26-10.

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Some NFL pundits believed the Kansas City Chiefs failed to meet a dire need in the NFL Draft last month.

The Chiefs traded star receiver Tyreek Hill to the Dolphins in March, and Miami gave him a massive contract extension.

Hill has elite speed, a trait the Chiefs will likely lack, and some in the NFL media thought KC should have moved up the draft to get a receiver.

But coach Andy Reid Told Colin Cowherd of Fox Sports he thinks the Chiefs offense will adapt without Hill and do so with a “different flavor”.

After the Hill trade, the Chiefs signed free agent wide receivers JuJu Smith-Schuster and Marquez Valdes-Scantling. The Chiefs still have receiver Mecole Hardman and tight end Travis Kelce, and they also drafted Skyy Williams.

Reid said things will be done differently on offense and noted that teams have started to change the way they play against the Chiefs.

“Yeah, well, teams were kind of taking that part and denying that anyway, just with the deep covers that we were playing,” Reid said. “So we were able to do things underneath with Tyreek and the other guys. Kelce is obviously also a very good player. And Mecole Hardman, so we have these guys coming back who can do it. We added Scantling and Juju in there, and those two are seasoned veterans who are very productive.

“Before JuJu got hurt, I mean, you’re talking about 1,400 meters per year (in 2018) with this guy. You just made it with a little different flavor. What we’re trying to do, Colin, we’re trying to take the player’s strengths and harness them. And then, whatever their weaknesses, we try to teach them and coach them to turn them into strengths. And so that’s what we’re going to do. It’s going to be a little different, but it’s going to be different with the personalities of the kids we have now. And they will write their own little story to this thing.

Alex Smith/Patrick Mahomes

Following comments from Titans’ Ryan Tannehill about mentoring a young quarterback, Chiefs fans have once again shown their gratitude to former quarterback Alex Smith for taking Patrick Mahomes under his wing.

But Reid told Cowherd this was never asked of Smith.

“I said to Alex, ‘Man, go out and have the best year you’ve ever had and you don’t have to teach Pat. We’re here to do that as coaches. You’re here to produce and winning games and doing your best for your team. And that’s how we approached it with him,” Reid said. “Now Alex, by nature, was the greatest thing that ever happened to Patrick Mahomes

“There are different ways to do this thing, whether you’re playing the player right now or behind a veteran player. Alex was perfect for that. Alex let Patrick into his world without being forced or anything and he let Patrick into it. Patrick handled it the right way and didn’t get in the way of Alex and what he needed to produce and had respect for him. So it worked perfectly. I didn’t need to say much other than, ‘You’re going to play and you’re going to win games, let’s win a championship’. and do your best at quarterback.

Here is the entire interview.

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