Amazon Prime Day and Dry July help boost sales of Yes You Can Drinks

Yes You Can Drinks products. Source: provided

Amazon Prime Day took place last week, a global shopping phenomenon that is becoming increasingly popular with Australian consumers and retailers.

One such retailer was Yes You Can Drinks, an alcohol-free brand founded by Olympian Tyler Martin and his partner Sophie.


The founder of Yes You Can Drinks, Tyler Martin. Source: provided

There has long been a debate about whether global shopping phenomena such as Amazon Prime Day, Black Friday and Click Frenzy are doing more harm than good for small businesses, but Martin says SmartCompany he doesn’t think that’s the case for his non-alcoholic offering.

On the contrary, the global sale has allowed Yes You Can Drinks to increase its brand awareness and its “ability to test”, especially since it is a new product in a rapidly growing market. .

Test a thesis

Amazon Prime Day takes place over two days each year, this year falling on July 12 and 13.

Ginormous selling isn’t yet a household name Down Under, but Martin says the decision to sell on Amazon isn’t solely based on getting in front of more consumers.

“We operate in one of the toughest geographies for direct-to-consumer sales,” he said, acknowledging that the Yes You Can Drinks product is also an inherently expensive item to ship due to its size.

“Amazon is helping us streamline this online service and test whether people will buy this product at scale through its existing infrastructure.”

While Yes You Can Drinks had been established on Amazon since its inception, the team hadn’t had time to give it the TLC needed to test these ideas.

Instead, it was available through a direct-to-consumer model, as well as at 400 locations primarily on the east coast of Australia and select Dan Murphy’s, First Choice Liquor and other independent grocery and liquor stores Across the country.

But Amazon Prime Day provided the perfect opportunity to test Martin’s thesis: once Yes You Can Drinks was properly installed on Amazon with the right images and the right price, sales would skyrocket.

So the team got to work and the thesis turned out to be correct, with Yes You Can Drinks selling five of its offerings during the sales.

Yes thank you

Martin says Yes You Can Drinks “technically” launched late last year, but with the havoc wrought by COVID-19, he considers the brand to officially launch in 2022.

And although it is still in its infancy, Yes You Can Drinks has hit the market full steam ahead.

Along with its involvement in Amazon Prime Day, the company also launched its new botanical line and Advent calendar in July, helping to triple the brand’s sales compared to June.

“I think it’s partly around Dry July,” Martin acknowledges, as the team wanted to coordinate these offerings with “people’s general awareness about going a little drier.”

As for the future, Martin says he would also like to offer different formats through Amazon; those that the brand could not justify doing through its direct-to-consumer sales due to cost, such as three packs.

“For us, it doesn’t make sense to have a three-pack on our site because it would cost too much to ship – but we can connect to the Amazons of the world.

“At this particular stage of our activity, [Amazon] was a great way to conduct trials and raise awareness.

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